About Me

Spencer Brokaw is the 13-year-old author of The Impenetrable Spy series. His dad suggested writing as a cure for boredom, and he’s been a writer ever since. He began writing short stories at age 8, and a year later he received a computer to write stories on. He eventually wrote The Impenetrable Spy at 10, finished it at 11, and published it at 12. He wrote the sequel within two weeks of the first book’s release, and published it in August of 2012 after extensive edits. Spencer has many ideas for books, but he’s primarily focused on finishing the Impenetrable Spy series and its spin-off series, Agent J.

About Spencer Brokaw: Spencer Brokaw published his first book The Impenetrable Spy in 2011 at age 12. He enjoys writing and plans on creating a series. He resides in Ohio and enjoys swimming, golfing, playing the drums, and reading.

Where his book is available: Kindle , Smashwords , Nook , and iBooks.