Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Current Status of Agent J

It's nice to be back! I haven't posted for a while, mainly because I've been contemplating Agent J's story line, and I need a little feedback. I'm thinking about rewriting my current novel, Agent J, and setting up the story a little differently.

Here's how it currently plays out:

1. Jack Sharpe, a skilled thief finds his parents murdered. He goes after the killer, and the killer says he was hired by a man named Smith. Jack begins to go on more heists so he can raise enough money to go after the killer. When caught, he is brought into the CIA for a special program that uses people with his skills. Instead of going to jail, he is employed and sent on a mission where he finds a connection to Smith. He then spends the rest of the book going after Smith. Smith is the world's most connected terrorist, and has been committing terrorist acts all over the nation, hoping to cripple America.

This is my alternative, basically without Jack's parents.

2. Jack Sharpe is a skilled thief (steals from those that don't deserve it type of thief) who is planning a major bank heist. When caught, Jack is captured by the CIA and is given the option to either work for them, or rot in prison for the millions he's stolen. Jack agrees to work for the CIA and is sent on a suicide mission after Smith, the world's most mysterious and connected terrorist. Three agents have been sent after him; none returned alive. Jack spends the rest of the book trying to foil the terrorist acts and uncovers a plot that would kill millions.

Which story would you rather read and why?

Also, first person or third person?


  1. I like option two, since it seems more streamlined and also gives you some additional wiggle-room to work in some other things. As far as point of view, I would be very interested to see how you handle first person narrative. Above all, keep writing!

  2. I like your second plot. It seems more on the edge. The first one seems like it is more about revenge where the second one seems more like it is about redemption. I like both first and third person but think I would enjoy reading this in third person.
    Nice to see you back.

  3. Thanks for the feedback! My book currently reads as plot 1., but I don't think I like the book as much as I could like it, so I'm thinking about re-writing it as 2. I think I will merely for the fact that it is more plausible and I was trying to write the first plot in the same "universe" as the Impenetrable Spy, but it should definitely be a stand alone thing so I can make it as good as possible. I also think I'll try a chapter of first person and a chapter of third person and then compare them. I might even post them on the site when I'm done.