Sunday, December 2, 2012

Why I Love December, and Giveaway News!

We're already 2 days into December, and only have a few weeks until Christmas. December is my all time favorite month of the year. I hate the cold, and prefer spring temperatures, but everything in December is so great I hardly ever notice the temperature.

When I think of December I think of car warmers, decorations, Christmas songs, fireplaces, family, friends, shopping, presents, parties, and the list could go on and on.

I also wanted to share an idea I had and think I'm going to use. Throughout the month on select dates, I will be giving away copies of my first and second book, along with previews of my newest (Agent J), and whatever else I come up with. Here's how giveaway days will work.

I will state the prize and ask  a question at the end of my post.You will have to comment an answer to go into the drawing, and names will be randomly picked and given the prize. I will give each post two days to rack up comments.

Make sure you subscribe if you plan on participating in these giveaways!

What's your favorite part of December/Christmas?


  1. Car warmers is first on your list? You crack me up, Spencer! Being a middle-aged old codger, I like December for the long nights when I can sit beside the Christmas tree in my favorite chair with a good book. Of course, I am currently reading a Star Wars novel (The Clone Wars by Karen Traviss) with lots of lightsaber duels and explosions, so I am not exactly a TYPICAL middle-aged old codger!

  2. Well, the list has no particular order, but yes. I love listening to Christmas music while sitting on heated seats in the car, it's very relaxing. I also love December for long nights. I'm a night owl. How's the book? Never tried reading a Star Wars book.

  3. What is my favorite part of Christmas? Not quite sure, of course everyone likes getting presents and im not going to get into the mushy details about giving them but i would say my favorite part of Christmas Is sledding and snow. you know aside from the cold sledding is basically a synonym for having a great time, of course until you wipe out :). I am a huge fan of you and I really hope i get your books. You see I am 12 years old and sadly i need to pay for my cell phone and i cant buy your book, but im hopeing this is my chance to read it! I actually wrote a 95 page book which my dad is currently editing. Hope it in't too late to enter(Though im pretty sure it is)

  4. Thanks for the comment! I actually never posted any giveaways, mostly due to low views on the site and I didn't want to go around asking people to enter. No worries, I'll still give em' to you for free, just email me.