Thursday, October 25, 2012

Don't Do Something You Dislike & Other News

Today I have a cool story idea to share, and a piece of advice about doing what you love at the bottom-ish area. Enjoy!

In Writing class, we were given a simple prompt to write a short story (3 to 4 pages). I had to take the fatal flaw of the main character of the book we were reading, and make it their best character trait in a short story. The main character's fatal flaw was No Fear, and it actually killed him in the end of the novel. Of course, having No Fear can easily be the best character trait of someone, so the story was pretty wide open. I just wanted to share the synopsis of the short story, I thought it was a pretty cool concept. I'll make sure to post it on the blog once it's edited and finished up. 

In 2325, America's government has crumbled. The crime rate is through the roof, but you wouldn't know it unless you were part of a gang. The economy is at its best, and there is no "bad" side of town. Most people think America is great...everyone except the Patriots. Past presidents changed American rights with permission of the people, and America began to slowly divert even further from its original envision-ment of Patriots in the 1700's. America is eerily reliving its history, with Patriots and Loyalists dominating the United States. Patriots will stop at nothing, seeking to bring the United States to its original roots. 

In the story, I have the main character (Alex Wheeler) as an employed member of the Patriots, seeking to expose a Loyalist who has enough connections to easily put anyone behind bars.

Nobody likes to do things they dislike, but some people have the opportunity to do something they would like, and settle for less. I semi-recently got some great advice (paraphrase): 

"The day you wake up miserable to go to work, is the day you quit." 

Some people could work a little harder in college to get a job they would really like, while others won't attend college to get a job they hate. Not everyone can go to college, and that was really just an analogy, but only do what you like to do. Don't force yourself to be a writer, just to tell your friends you're a writer. Do it because you enjoy it, and don't do it if you don't like it. That simple rule should keep you happy all throughout life.


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