Friday, July 27, 2012

The Perfect Price Point

Many authors have been pointing out that the 99cent price mark isn't a good choice. I originally priced my first book, The Impenetrable Spy at 99cents because

1. It was my first book,
2. I wrote it at 10,
3. It's short-novella length,
4. And I don't need to make profit from my book.

   I still stand by that price. But if I was an adult, that would not be my ideal price point. I think the perfect price point for an ebook is $2.99. It's a little less than a coffee, and a good-looking price. It's cheap, but not too cheap, and allows you the 70% royalty deal from Amazon.  

   I started thinking about price points after reading this post on fellow blogger and author, R.S. Guthrie's blog. Some authors will argue (and they are most certainly right), that their book IS worth more than a coffee. They should be charging respectable author prices because I have read self-published authors whose books are much better than some big-name traditionally published ones. But unfortunately, so many self-published authors charge their books for such a cheap price, that if you charge just a little higher than someone else, your book will not be bought--as much.
I think that for a self-published author, the $2.99 price point is perfect, but only for now. Once people open their eyes and realize that us self-pubs CAN actually write good stories, then it should be raised, but for now, self-published authors are viewed as if their stories are a step down.  


  1. I agree with your opinion. I also agree that there is coming a time when self-published authors will no longer be looked down upon. I know several traditional published authors who have gone the route of self-publishing because they couldn't get a traditional house to pick up their newest work. We are moving up in the world.

  2. Yes, I believe the same thing and hope the time comes soon. I think people are starting to realize that self-published authors can write just as good if not better than the traditionals.