Thursday, July 12, 2012

Future Dreamer's Cover Reveal!

The past year has been a blast, and now it's time to reveal the cover of my second book, The Impenetrable Spy: Future Dreamer, designed by Suzanne Fyhrie Parrott.

In the return of the Impenetrable Spy, special agent Zack Carter's oldest friend has been murdered and the crime has been pinned on Zack: his prints are on the gun and now he's on the run. With agents on his tail and danger ahead, Zack races from Nigeria to Chicago to Langley itself in a search for the truth. And the deeper he goes, the more he realizes he's been caught in a conspiracy of apocalyptic proportion. Now he must clear his name and stop the true killer before time runs out ... and the world goes up in flames.


  1. Of course I love it ;) The element that ties it to the first book is the "fog" -- in the first it was burgundy and white -- here it is teal/blue. (in case anyone was curious). I also designed "the impenetrable spy" like a logo, so it would be easily recognized in sequels --

    Thanks for letting me do the design (and work with you).


  2. I love the Impenetrable Spy logo, and the cover! Thanks Suzanne :)

  3. I checked out the concepts and think you picked a winner. Cool looking cover, Spencer (and Suzanne):-)!

  4. Thanks Rob, I like this one a lot!