Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Book Review: Jack Wakes Up

WARNING: Lots of cursing, violence, and adult situations occur in the book. Ask your parents before reading.

   I recently started Jack Wakes Up, a novel by author Seth Harwood. I met Seth a couple months back when doing a podcast with the Book Guys. Seth's books are available on iTunes in audio format, but I got Jack Wakes Up from the library because I prefer reading a physical copy.
   Jack Wakes Up is a non-stop thrill ride; the author hooks you from the start! The book follows Jack Palms, a retired movie star and ex drug addict. In the three years he hasn't made movies, he's lived a fairly simple life. When his friend Ralph asks him to show a few drug dealers around the clubs, Jack doesn't object. He soon regrets the decision, and everything goes downhill for him, leaving the reader with a mystery to solve.

   I really enjoyed the characters because the author established good chemistry between all of them. Description was plentiful and painted a great picture in my head. The book has a dark mood but was lightened with comedy. I enjoyed the villains, and there were plenty of Oh No! moments that kept me hooked. The book never lets the reader go!

   It was a refreshing mystery, and I look forward to reading more of Seth's work. This book gets a whopping 5 stars from me!


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