Saturday, May 26, 2012

Getting Your Fanbase's Opinion

   Some people have hundreds of stories brewing in their brain, and it is only a matter of which one they choose to write. Some authors use polls to find out what their readers would like to see most in an upcoming novel, or even what your next book should be.

   Getting your fanbase's opinion for your novels can be helpful in terms of determining which story line people would have the most interest in, or which you think you'd get the most sales out of. If it's a poll that requires an explanation for your choice, than it's even better, because you can find what your fanbase does and doesn't like about an idea. Then, you can tweak it and redo the poll with the tweaks implemented and see if the majority has changed their vote. The smallest things can break or improve an idea. Your fanbase's opinions don't have to be about your book either. It could simply be a matter of which author picture you should use.

   Below are some of my upcoming novel ideas and short story ideas. Which would you like to see happen most?

            Teen Detective: When a rich person is robbed in – neighborhood, -- must find the culprit and claim the prize money.
Crow Story: A serial killer is killing off a jury by sending a crow to their house, with a number attached to its foot—telling them how much longer they have to live. (NAME), a detective must stop the killer before he takes another victim, his wife.
            DreamCatcher: The Army has employed a special soldier, who steals people’s dreams to uncover secrets hidden within them.
            Guardian Angels: Guardian Angels have been watching us. When the world was in danger, they appeared. They look like soldiers, and their technology is far superior then that of the human race. They’ve come to save us from the apocalypse.
            Super Hero: Rope Man, Croc-Head, and Freezer are genetically altered super humans that have been frowned upon by society for their differences. When Sharkface, a scientist with the viciousness of a shark and mind of a madman/genius has a plot that only the super-humans could defeat, they are called in to defeat him by the government.
            Ancient Assassin: An Assassin in Renaissance Italy has uncovered the truth about a corrupt leader, and must put a stop to his evil scheme before he unleashes a deadly virus.


  1. Personally, I like the crow story the most. It's a clever idea, and the topic might take your writing down some new roads.

  2. Thanks Chris! I plan on finishing Agent J, but it might become my next book. It'll probably be a full length novel, but it could be a good novella.

  3. How could I not vote for the story with Sharkface in it. vV""Vv Although, I also like the crow story. Very original and sounds like it'll be a great read, Spencer.

  4. Haha! The super-hero story has been in my mind since age 7 or 8. I have over 20 villains created, and more super-heroes. I should have posted all of the pictures I have drawn of them. But yes, the Crow Story is one I'm looking forward to!

  5. 5 of us voted (2 from your audience) for Dream Catcher. Intriguing, especially if the person whose dream is stolen goes crazy.

  6. Thanks, although I think it sounds too much like Inception.