Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Scheduling Tweets

   As of yesterday, I began scheduling tweets for my Twitter account, using Tweet deck. There are several benefits for scheduling your tweets, instead of doing them in real time.

   If you work during the day, you can still have tweets (mostly promotional) sent out using the application. I said mostly promotional for a reason. Yes, you could send out tweets about Starbucks and whatever else is on your mind, and schedule them for a different time, but I think Tweetdeck is best for sending out promotional tweets. It is a great marketing application, but it is not the only service that allows scheduling tweets.

   You can buy some programs (for a low price) that can enable repeat tweets every day, hour, etc., instead of manually scheduling them like you have to do on Tweetdeck and most other free Twitter applications. I have had some success using it, and have gotten retweets while I'm at school. Not only is Twitter great for marketing, but scheduling tweets enables you to be on Twitter, even when you're not. Another benefit is that you don't manually have to find a certain link and repeat post things (like tweets about your book) on your own in real time. Another benefit to this is finding what time the most people are online using twitter. Sure, you could randomly schedule all of your tweets, but if you find out the time the most people are online, you have a better chance of your tweet being seen, and in turn retweeted and replied to. Definitely look into using an application like Tweetdeck if you plan on promoting tweets through your Twitter account.


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