Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Lucky Number 7

I was tagged to do this promotional post by fellow author, John Rykken.

It works like this. On Twitter, an author "tags" four other authors, who post this Lucky Number 7 post on their blog. If you are "tagged," flip to page 77 in your newest published book/work in progress, and skim down seven lines, and on your blog, post the subsequent 7 lines.

My seven lines come from my first published book, The Impenetrable Spy.

"Zack shot a burst at the guard with the ski mask as Jack fired a three round burst at the guard with the beanie. The dead bodies fell over each other. Zack and Jack walked into the original control room with the pillars. Zack looked for an off switch. He flipped the switch that read, “Stop Production (Emergencies Only). The machines all stopped as the dead bodies from earlier lied cut up throughout all of the razors. Zack saw all of the bloodstains and then decided it was best to just look away."

Now it's my turn to tag four authors.

Be sure to check out these authors, and their fantastic books!