Sunday, February 12, 2012

Getting the Point Across

Almost all books have a big reveal scene, especially Mysteries. In those scenes, the writer has to carefully pick what they are going to say, and how they say it is important. They are not going to come out and directly say who the murderer is, they will build suspense and make your heart race. Either that, or they will slowly wither away at more and more information to deliver to you, making the scene more suspenseful and shocking as it goes on. Getting your point across isn't easy. In those reveal scenes, you have to really sit and carefully write what you will say. My second novel has a murder reveal scene, and I chose the second option--withering away at information. I had to choose what I wanted to say carefully, because how you say it affects the reader's reaction. Getting the point across is hard, but when you sit down and think, it becomes more and more simple.


  1. I see you took my advice. Between Spencer Tracy and Tom Brokaw, how can you miss with a name like that? Happy thirteen, whenever it is!