Sunday, February 5, 2012

Effective Book Covers

   There's always that book cover that you go crazy over, and end up buying the book, right off the shelves. Book covers are as effective as the cover of a movie or a video game. I don't know much about book covers, so I will give you what attracts me to one and what not to do with one.

1.) Keep it simple. I hate book covers that are all messy and abstract. Book covers should be simple and to the point.

2.) Use complimentary colors. If you have a book cover that is a collage of colors, like teal on yellow and random combinations, it won't look good. Try to use colors that play off of each other.

3.) I think a good book cover should display the mood of the story. For a picture book about a silly girl, the cover should be vibrant and lively. For a book about a murderer in a crazed town, the book cover should display the mood of that, and most likely portray dark colors.

4.) Don't use unreadable fonts. Some book covers use backwards letters and confusing fonts that turn me away. If I can't read the title, there's a problem.

These are the basics for a good book cover. In the future I will probably do another post, examining a specific book cover, but for now, these are the basics. If you can follow these simple rules, you should have a great book cover.


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