Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Using Dialogue

For me, one of the hardest parts of writing is coming up with clever dialogue that flows and sounds good in the readers head. I normally go over the top with my description (at least I think so), but I lack dialogue. It is also hard for me to write much dialogue on a story about a rogue agent that picks off his targets from a distance. In my latest book, I am focusing on the dialogue more than ever.

   Some of the best writers have complicated dialogue, and others have short sentences that run easily in your head. Dialogue is meant to reveal and discuss events between characters as an exchange of information. You could be complicated and write impossible Shakespeare dialogue, but the best dialogue is written like you speak. You's changed to Ya's and so forth. The one thing to be very careful about in your dialogue is using slang terms and references that may be out of speech in a few years. Also, when writing a book set in the future, refrain from using slang that probably won't be used.

   When writing your next story, remember not to go over the top on your dialogue, and to refrain from using modern slang terms.


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