Saturday, January 21, 2012

Using Character Perspectives

   First and third person are both character perspectives. Which one to pick when writing a story can be simple, or hard. First person should (in my opinion) be used when you want the reader to cope and understand your main character for what he/she is. First person adds a lot of depth to your main character, and thoughts from this character are always shown. First person should also be used when the character is very biased towards a subject, and the story has to do with it.

   Third person is great when you would like to flow from character to character in a chapter, and this is something you can't do with first (you can, but it's a little odd to). Third is also great when you want other characters thoughts and opinions to be shown as well. When writing a story about a psychologically different person, like a psychic, it is to your benefit to write in first person, because this character is different, and his thoughts and reactions might be different and need to be thoroughly explained.

   Third is great when writing a book about a spy, where you might want to jump to the bad guy and to the agency and to the main character a lot. This is not a rule, this is my opinion. Now, when you write, it is up to you to pick a perspective. Some pick the one they are most comfortable using. Others, are clever and figure out that they can weave the story using the character perspective that they chose. When picking your character perspective, think about what advantages and disadvantages it will play in your story.