Thursday, January 19, 2012

Rewriting? Or Editing?

There are multiple steps in the editing process. I am just going to cover the aspects of rewriting a passage, or editing it. When your paragraph gets too choppy, it will seem almost not editable. You have to ask yourself, "Can I get this passage flowing and sounding good by editing? Or will I have to rewrite it?"

   Rewriting isn't hard, and it doesn't take any longer than editing. Rewrites are common in my book, because in some points I had been writing for countless hours. After awhile, you will see spots that don't flow, and where description should be added. Sometimes you can't just doctor it and get a satisfactory result, so you rewrite it instead. When rewriting, make sure to read the paragraph before what your rewriting, that way you can get a successful transition into your rewrite. Same with the paragraph after. I have been a lot more picky about my writing, especially compared to my first book, where I only worried on spelling mistakes. There's not a single rewrite in it. Nowadays, I am picking apart my story on my own, along with help from my dad, who points out things I would normally be oblivious to.
   Editing should be done where you just have to "sprinkle" something over what you have already written to improve it. Take this into consideration when editing your next piece of writing.


  1. Good distinction between the two. I think that rewriting is a form of editing though. However, both are equally awful. lol Just kidding! Editing and rewriting will make your work so much better!

    Great post!

  2. Thanks! I think I meant copy-editing, because your right, rewriting is part of editing. Reading and editing your book the first time through is fun, but after the 20th time of proof-reading, I get bored with my own story, haha :) Thanks for the comment too!