Friday, January 20, 2012

New Blog Name?

   I need help from my blog readers. My blog name, Writing tips from a 12 year old author, needs to change, because I am turning 13 very soon. I could change the blog name from a 12 to 13, but if my blog readers have an idea for a name, comment and let me know. I'd appreciate it tremendously!

   I do have a real post bundled with this. The power of blog names. Some blog names are boring, while others make you want to click to find out what's inside. Your blog name is the visual before the click, and it will give your reader a picture before they even click on your website. It's like a video game. You might see the cover at the store, and then in turn want to play it, because of the artwork and title. The same goes with your blog, except for the artwork part.

   Your title should draw readers in, and be catchy. Writing tips from a 12 year old author is a bit long, and not very catchy. For some reason, I just never changed my blog name. After a while, it grew on me. The biggest thing about my title is that it should hopefully draw in a reader. The fact that author and 12 are mentioned in the title might attract someone into my website, so they can find out more. When you name your blog, try to make it:

1.) Short
2.) Catchy
3.) Easy to remember
4.) Intriguing

I hope this post helps. Don't forget to leave a comment for me!


  1. Honestly, I think your name is very catchy. Just call it Spencer Brokaw on Writing.

  2. I'll take it into consideration, thanks!

  3. How about just a small change, "Writing Tips from a Teen Author"?