Sunday, January 15, 2012

Distancing Oneself

Writing is great. It is a creative outlet that allows you to compile personal opinions and feelings, while telling a story that others will enjoy as much as you did writing it. Although writing is fun, I think that there should always be a distance from it. Write a couple hours a day, but there should always be a barrier between it and your life. Don't write 24/7, because your writing will seem repetitive and not thought out. Writing is a thing that should be done everyday if you want to improve, but should be only a small portion of what you do. I love to write, but I don't constantly do it. Most adults don't have writing as a job, so there needs to be a distance from it so they can focus on something else. Same with kids who write. Don't write all the time, but write at a good pace. It is like running; you should keep a steady pace, but don't fall behind or go too fast.


  1. I find your insight into the world of writing so refreshing and needed to young and old alike. Keep up the good work. You have so much to offer the world of writers.

  2. Spencer, you have some really good ideas. I hope you don't take all this fame to your head. Your book is amazing and very well written.

  3. Thank you. And don't worry, this will never get to my head. I appreciate you commenting!