Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Book Review: Splinter Cell

WARNING: Check with your parents before reading this, it has some adult scenes, coarse language, and violence.

I recently read Splinter Cell, a book in the Tom Clancy video game franchise. Splinter Cell follows agent Sam Fisher, an employed NSA agent working for a secret government agency, Third Echelon, in the branch of the NSA. A mysterious man has kidnapped his daughter, and that becomes a side quest to the mission he is already on. Sam must stop insane political leader Nasir Tarighian and the Shop, a terrorist organization determined to ruin the Middle East.

   The book was cleverly written, and I had lots of current knowledge on the main character. I would have liked flashbacks onto his past life though, because his childhood to adulthood is not explained well, or why he became a governement agent in the first place. The book was filled with military information, that if not understood correctly, will highly confuse the reader. Weapons and planes are described not for looks, but for their capabilities and specifications, that would not be known to a large audience. Splinter Cell makes your heart beat, but can get repetitive at some points. Overall, I was pulled into the story, and it was brilliantly written. There is a large variety of enemies that all have their own plans, and it helped bring the story to life. I would reccomend this book and give it a rating of 3 and a half stars. 


  1. Honestly, I read this book, and am currently 14. I feel that while it wasn't overly descriptive, a good idea for parents would be to read it first, to make sure that they are comfortable with the material before letting their kid(s)read it

  2. I had a parental warning at the end, but I bumped it to the front for you. I agree, there was a very sensual chapter, but I skipped over it. Parents should definitely read this book first if their child intends on reading it. Thanks for commenting!