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Interview with D.M. Kenyon

What is The Lotus Blossom about?

[DMK Responded: ] The Lotus Blossom is about a girl who grows up in a suburb of a city and like most of her friends gets into texting, gossiping about kids at school, tanning salons and fashion.  She has been raised to participate in our mass-media driven consumer culture and does not give a second thought about it until one day she meets a meditation and martial arts master named Rinchen.  When she first meets him, she does not think much of it other than that he seemed rather odd.   One night after a party, she volunteers to take a drunkclassmate home because he is not able to drive.  He tries to attack her.  The heroine of my story, Maddie, who later becomes known as "Lhamo", not only escapes the attack, but becomes very angry and beats the guy up pretty badly (he is so drunk he can't really defend himself very well).   This shatters her belief that the world is a safe place and that she is just a cute girl.  She comes to realize that she has real power and that she can be just as dangerous as the guy who attacked her.
She ultimately comes to train with Rinchen and learns many of the things that the ancient samurai learned including how to be aware of everything around you, how to deeply care about people and how to fight if you have to.  This wakes her up in ways that she could not have possibly imagined before meeting her teacher.   The idea of the book is to take a look at whether or not we are training children in the right skills.  What would happen if kids stopped playing Call of Duty and actually learned real warrior skills?  Real warriors are not murderers. They are protectors and heroes that save people even from themselves. To me, a true warrior does what he or she does because she loves people and never acts out of hate.  Anger and strength are not the same thing.  This is what Lhamo learns in the book.
It kind of sounds very rosy and nice, but eventually a couple of really bad things happen to her and she has to really dig deep to apply what she has learned from Rinchen.  Another thing that she has to struggle with is that the more she wakes up, the harder it is to hang out with her old friends.  She starts to see some of them as kind of foolish, but has to learn to love them just the same.  This is harder for her than learning how to fight.

Where is your book available?

[DMK Responded: ] Currently, The Lotus Blossom is only available over the internet at Smashwords, Amazon and The Book Patch, but it can be ordered through any major bookstore including Barnes & Noble.  Smashwords makes the book available in e-book format through most bookstores and websites.

Where did you get the idea for your book?

[DMK Responded: ] I am a father of four children, two are my natural children and I have two step daughters.  My two natural children grew up in a dojo because, at the time, I was the children's instructor for a large Aikido school in St. Louis.  I was also studying to be a Tibetan Buddhist lama, a type of teacher, as well as practicing law.  That is quite a mish-mash of cultural stuff.  As a lawyer, I started to realize that I was really expected to behave like a knight or a samurai.  In other words, there were ethical rules that could never be broken and people depended on me to fight for their rights and to protect them.   I also started to learn about Budo, the art of war, and that deeply influenced me.  I learned that conflict was an inevitable part of life, but it did not necessarily have to be destructive.  The most important thing to do in a fight is to try to destroy hate.  If you can destroy hate, peace happens all by itself.  
My kids started in the dojo when they were four years old and trained for about five or six years.  My son loved it, but my daughter not so much even though she was arguably better at Aikido than her brother was.  They both grew up to be very smart people, but more importantly, they are deeply, deeply committed to serving humanity.  My son is studying to be a doctor and my daughter is still in college. She just spent the summer working for the Children's Defense Fund and hopes to work for the wellbeing of families when she begins her career.  Secretly, I think that she will probably become a lawyer like her mother and her father.  In any event, both of my kids are warriors of the right kind and I am very, very proud of them. (Can't you tell?)
My two step-daughters had a different educational background.  Whereas my kids went to Catholic school (there mother is Catholic), my step-daughters went to a public school in the suburbs.   I noticed that there was huge difference in what they were taught and how their friends behaved.  I noticed that my step-daughters actually have a much harder time figuring out what is real and what is trivial fluff.  Their friends are more into buying things and having things than they are into making a difference in society.  Their world at school is all about safety, comfort and wealth.  And yet, the people in that world do not seem to be all that happy.  It is kind of shallow and sad to me. 
Now, you know that no kid is going to listen to their parents lecture them about putting down a cellphone or turning off the television.  If a parent can't get through, well, a step-father will be positively ignored.  So, I decided to teach them what I wanted them to know by writing a book about a girl just like them who learns what I wanted them to learn.  Sneaky, heh?  I threw in some romance, fast motorcycles and action to keep their interest and there you have it -- The Lotus Blossom.

How did you come up with the title?

In the Buddhist world, the image of the lotus blossom is very well known and very well understood as the symbol for enlightenment.  There is also a different kind of lotus blossom in the story, but they both make the same point.  You see, a lotus blossom is better known in America as a water lily or the flower that grows from a lily pad.   This plant has to plant its seeds in muck.  It cannot grow on land and it cannot grow in clear water.  It needs the muck to live, but it also needs the clear sunshine and clean water that is found at the surface of a pond.   It resolves this problem by growing out of the muck and rising to the fresh, clean environment above through struggle.  This is much like the human mind.  It needs turmoil and struggle to learn and gain wisdom so that it can grow into the clear emptiness of enlightenment. In other words, an easy life keeps you in the muck whereas a life of contemplation and hard work brings you to the ultimate awareness.  Our culture does not always understand that.

Who designed the cover?

[DMK Responded: ] I designed both covers.  The book was originally released with the photograph of a young woman's chest with a lotus blossom tattooed on it.  The readers of my book loved that cover because it has very special meaning in the story.  Unfortunately, people who had not read the book thought that the book was about sex and they were getting the wrong idea.  The new cover is based on a 19th Century ukiyo-e print (traditional Japanese wood block print) of Tomoe Gozen, a famous woman samurai.  A lot of people in our country do not know that there were women samurai, but there were.  Tomoe Gozen is among the most famous of them.  This picture, however, has been Photoshopped so that Tomoe Gozen is listening to an iPhone through a headset.  It is a very fitting image for this book.

Do you have to travel a lot for your books?

[DMK Responded: ] Wow! What a good question.  Well, actually I wrote the whole thing sitting at my dining room table much to the consternation of my wife who thinks I should have worked elsewhere.  I live in an antique house and I love my dining room and get great inspiration there.  But to get back to your question, to know the things that I wrote about in the book, I had to go all over the place.  I studied Aikido with some of the art's greatest masters.  I also trained with some of the world's greatest Vajra masters.  It would take days to explain what a Vajra master is, but they are a very special kind of meditation teacher.  I have spent weeks at a time learning from His Holiness the Dalai Lama and I have my own teacher, a very nice man named Lama Lodu, who has taught me for years and years.  I have spent days and days in retreats meditating and learning and days and days being tossed around dojo mats.  I have traveled extensively and met many wise people and seen many wonderful things.  I have also seen many horrible things too.  I once saw a man get killed by machine gun fire and it made me very, very sad.  But, all in all, the world is an amazing place full of wonders and wonderful people and if you are smart and learn from them, they will teach you to find unshakeable happiness.

When did you write your first book and how old were you?

[DMK Responded: ] Ha!  This is my first book.  I have written many, many long essays on mostly professional topics.  I wrote my senior thesis in college about my theory that Shakespeare's Richard III and Macbeth are really the same play reworked.  That was about 140 publisher pages long, but never before have I written a stand-alone book.  And here you are at twelve years old and I believe you mentioned that you are on book number three already.  I have always been a late bloomer.

If your book was a movie, who would you pick to play the main characters?

[DMK Responded: ] Wow! Again, a really tough and interesting question.  Well, well, let me see ....  The character of Lhamo should be played by an unknown actress because I would not want people to have an opinion about her when the movie started.  This would make her evolution as a person much purer to the minds of movie viewers.  The character of Rinchen could not be played by just anyone.  It would have to be an actor that commands considerable gravity and reverence.  Sam Harris is probably too old to play the character now because Rinchen in the book is in his mid-forties.  You could take a different tack on this, however.  I could see someone like Robert Downey, Jr. playing Rinchen.  He can portray great seriousness and he has an immense hidden compassion, almost a sadness that could really be brought to bear in the character.  Rinchen is a character who has seen the world, good and bad, and is deeply in love with it, but also deeply saddened by it.  You would have to have an actor who is intimate with the extremes of joy and pain.  Mr. Downey probably fits that description. It would take incredible emotional range to play Rinchen effectively.  Tripp and Megan would be equally hard to cast also because of their depth.  You need thoughtful rebels for their characters and no one flashy.  These kids are humble.  

Do you plan on writing sequels?

[DMK Responded: ] I am not a fan of sequelization although it appears to be a necessary evil if you ever hope to go mainstream.  What I am playing around with is the idea of making the next book the biography of Rinchen which would technically be a prequel.  After that, I want to catch up to Lhamo as she tries to find a career and see what she is able to bring to the working world as a seasoned Budoka.  There is a whole book waiting to be written about a female samurai facing the sexism and a long list of other injustices and inhumanities in the business world.

How long did it take you to complete The Lotus Blossom?

[DMK Responded: ] The Lotus Blossom is 177,000 words long.  That is nearly twice as long as most modern novels, par for the course of novels written before literature was so ridiculously commercial. I started on May 5, 2011 and was finished with the complete draft manuscript around July 10.  Yeah, I know, that is a lot of writing in a very short time.  I got a little obsessed there for a while.  The editing and proof reading took another month and a half and I am still not sure that I have it where I want it, but you have to draw the line somewhere.  The book pretty much just poured out of me.  I broke two keyboards on my computer writing it.

What is your favorite book?

[DMK Responded: ] Well, I am liking The Impenetrable Spy an awful lot at the moment.  I can't say I have a single favorite book because I like most of the books I read for a wide variety of reasons and, if I tell the truth, the vast majority of what I read is non-fiction.  But if you are going to nail me down here, and I am pretty sure you are, I would have to say that it is a toss-up between Mark Twain's Mysterious Stranger(all four versions) and the Horatio Hornblower series by C. S. Forester. I love well-researched historical fiction.  Oh yeah, I went bonkers for Across the Nightingale Floor and the Otori series by Lian Hearn.  You would like the Otori series.  Those books are real swashbucklers. 

About D.M. Kenyon:

[DMK Responded: ] I was born under a full moon as wolves gathered and howled at my arrival into this world ... no, wait, that was someone else.  As a teenager, I grew up on a farm in southern Michigan.  I spent a lot of time hiking and sitting in the woods thinking (and ducking out on chores).  I went to Kalamazoo College in Michigan and studied abroad in Aix-en-Provence, France.  Then came law school in St. Louis and soon after I got married and had two children.  I was a litigation attorney for about twenty years and got sick of it.  I got divorced when my kids were pretty young and that was a pretty rough time for me.  I really, really, really like being a dad.  I was always worried about my kids even though I had them half of the time.  I decided that I really did not know what I was doing in life so I did what I always do when I feel like I need to know about something -- I studied.  I started with Karate and was studying Zen Buddhism and then discovered Aikido and Tibetan Buddhism (they don't normally go together, but they do in my world).  I met my Buddhist master in the dojo when his students came to ask if he could use the facility as a place for him to give public teachings.  I was assigned by my sensei to take care of him.  I did not know how to take care of a Buddhist teacher, but I did know how to take care of a sensei, so I did that.  He was very impressed.  Several days later, I asked him to be my teacher.  He was sitting on the bench of a bus stop out in front of the dojo enjoying the cool night air.  I sat on my knees on the concrete and asked him to be my teacher. He was very happy and said, "I was hoping you were going to ask me that".  We have been friends now for seventeen years.

Eventually, I got older and it was getting harder to stay in shape.  I wanted to get into starting companies that helped the environment and created jobs for people who did not have them, so I did.  I am part owner of a company called Habitata Building Products and am part of a trade group that works on large green-tech projects.  And now, I write books too.  I am a pretty busy guy.  Lately, I have been thinking about starting a writer's circle of younger and older authors.  This would be a group that takes young authors seriously and gets everyone sharing knowledge and ideas.  When my son was in the dojo, I noticed that he really liked hanging with the older guys.  They always took him seriously.  He was a warrior with them and his age did not matter.  This did a lot for his evolution into the outstanding young man that he is today.  I think that there should be a writer's version of that.
Thank you for taking an interest in me and my book.  As we agreed, now, you have do an interview with me and I am cooking up some hum-dingers for you, young man.  

Your friend,
D. M. Kenyon (David Michael Kenyon)

His Website:
[DMK Responded: ] My blog can be found at  I have a book site just for The Lotus Blossom that can be found at  I am going to be integrating that into the blog site soon and updating it.  I was just getting started when I posted the book site and I am not crazy about it. 

Social Media sites:
[DMK Responded: ] I only do Twitter and Facebook at the moment.  My Twitter name is @dmkenyon  and my Facebook page can be found 

Links to where his book is available:
 [DMK Responded: ] You can get my book on Smashwords:   Amazon Kindle:  and in paperback at The Book Patch:

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Character Journals

Character journals are a good way to interact with your characters, and discover things in their past that you, the writer, didn't even know. This is a tip I picked up in: How to Write a D--mn Good Thriller, a great writing book for any action writers. A character journal works like this, you start writing as you would a letter, but write in the character's perspective as if they are telling their own biography to you. An example of an evil villain's journal might be:

Dear Spencer Brokaw,
   As you have probably inferred, my life wasn't the best. As a child, my parent's were murdered by madman. I could tell there was something wrong with him before he committed the crime. I lived on the streets, refusing to be put in an orphanage...

See? I am able to uncover things that I wouldn't have imagined before, by writing in this perspective. This is a great tip that I hope you will use in the future for your characters.

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Get The Impenetrable Spy-FREE

Until November 30th, you will be able to download The Impenetrable Spy for FREE, in honor of today being Black Friday, and I feel like being generous. You will only be able to get it for free by entering a coupon code on Smashwords: ZJ82N.  That is the code that will need to be entered. Thanks for all the pageviews, and the support you have given me. Enjoy The Impenetrable Spy and let me know what you think of it by leaving a review! 

Link to Smashwords page:

Two generous Black Friday Giveaways

Today is a day for deals, and I have come across two easy to participate in contests. The first is Black Beast Friday, hosted by R.S. Guthrie: and it gives away a Kindle!

The 2nd is hosted by Lee Broad. His contest is very simple: and it gives away a $25 gift card!

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Happy Thanksgiving- and a blog award!

Today is Thanksgiving! Time to stuff yourself with food and have a good time. Thanksgiving is a day to remember what you have and what you're thankful for. Spending time with family and friends makes it an even better day to celebrate!

2nd, I received a blog award from fellow writer Emerald Barnes today! I am excited for this award, and some rules follow.

The award is for blogs with less than 200 followers. I'm good there.

The award is to bring light to new and unknown writers. I'm new, and somewhat unknown.

The award is also to make new connections in the world of blogs!

1. Thank the person who gave you the award, so, thanks Emerald Barnes !

2. Give the award to five of your favorite bloggers, and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog!

3. Post the award on your blog.

4. Bask in the love of the most supportive group on the Internet – other writers.

5. Have fun and spread the karma.

Here are the people/blogs I chose for the award:

Unruly Guides is a blog and website that gives several marketing tips, podcasts, and other things that all writers should read and listen to. It isn't completely new, but a lot more people should know about it.

The Musings of a Book Addict is a blog that gives tons of book reviews out; my to-read list just keeps growing as I read it. I love the blog and you should too!

Tim Greaton Forum is a fairly new blog that deals out several interviews with different sorts of talents, including writers and artists. Check it out!

Lynette Gregory is a talented writer whose blog delivers humor and great advice. I love the posts she does, and I get excited when it comes time to read them.

Action Adventure Inc. is last but not least! A great website full of book previews and interviews.

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Interview with Lee Goldberg

  What is your newest book about? Randy Disher is perfectly happy living with Monk's old assistant Sharona and working as the new police chief of Summit, New Jersey. But when the city's leadership is arrested for fraud, he suddenly finds himself appointed acting mayor and overwhelmed by the dual responsibilities...especially when the town is hit by a wave of robberies. In desperation, Disher calls on Adrian Monk to put things in order. 

As deputized officers, Monk and his assistant Natalie are ready to make Summit the cleanest city on earth—until the burglaries escalate to arson and murder. Now it's time to get down and dirty, before someone sends Monk and Natalie home in pine boxes. 

Where is your book available? It will be available everywhere in January.

Where did you get the idea for your book? From the corruption scandal in Bell,California. I thought it would be funny if Randy Disher, now police chief of Summit NJ, found himself running a town where all of the other officials are behind bars...and has to ask Monk and Natalie to help him run the police department. Once I started thinking along those lines, I thought it might be fun to actually make Monk and Natalie uniformed police officers. 

When did you begin working on TV shows and movies? Back in the early 1980s. I wrote an episode of "Spenser for Hire."

Is it hard writing for multiple shows? It must be hard to grasp the characters in a short amount of time. I've never written for more than one series at a time. And when I am writing a series, it's very easy for me to get wrapped up in the characters and the world they inhabit.

What is your favorite show and book you’ve worked on? Diagnosis Murder was my favorite TV show to work on....and my favorite book is probably "Watch Me Die."

Who designed the cover?  The covers for my MONK books are designed by the Penguin/Putnam art department.

Do you have to travel a lot for your books? No, not really. Most of my books are set in San Francisco or Los Angeles. The few that haven't been were set in places where I've either worked (like Germany) or where I have spent many vacations (like France and Hawaii)

When did you write your first book and how old were you?  I was nine. It was called "Tomorrow's Warrior" and was about a guy from the future who came to present-day to catch a bad guy. It was never published. My first published book was ".357 Vigilante," which I wrote when I was 19. I had a journalism advisor at UCLA who wrote spy novels. We became friends and talked a lot about mysteries, thrillers, plotting, etc. One day in the early 80s his publisher came to him and asked him if he’d write a “men’s action adventure series,” sort of the male equivalent of the Harlequin romance. He said he wasn’t desperate enough, hungry enough, or stupid enough to do it…but he knew someone who was: Me. So I wrote an outline and some sample chapters and they bought it. The book was called .357 Vigilante I wrote it as “Ian Ludlow” so I'd be on the shelf next to Robert Ludlum and had plenty of Letter-to-the-Editor-of-Playgirl quality sex in it. 

The West Coast Review of Books called my literary debut "as stunning as the report of a .357 Magnum, a dynamic premiere effort," singling the book out as "The Best New Paperback Series" of the year. I ended up writing four books in the series. Naturally, the publisher promptly went bankrupt and I never saw a dime in royalties.

But New World Pictures bought the movie rights to .357 Vigilante and hired me to write the screenplay. I didn’t know anything about writing scripts…luckily, I had a good friend who did, William Rabkin. We worked together on the UCLA Daily Bruin. So the two of us teamed up. The movie never got made, but we had so much fun that we were writing partners for over 20 years…and remain best friends to this day. 

How long does it normally take to finish your novels? About four to five months.

What are the differences when you write for a TV show, and when you write for your novels?  In scripts you have to show, not tell. Character and story have to be revealed only through action and dialogue. A screenplay is a blueprint, a working document for other professionals, like costume designers, location managers, and of course actors and directors. A book is very different. You can go into people's heads to tell stories and reveal character. You have to set the scene in great detail all the time. You are the director, the location manager, the actor and the director. You're creating a complete world with no limitations all by yourself. That can be exciting and daunting at the same time. I've encountered many screenwriters who simply can't write a book and many authors cannot write scripts. I've only met a few who can do both. They are different ways of telling a story and also different ways of thinking of story. 

 What is your favorite book? I have so many,but I think "Lonesome Dove" is probably at the top of the list.

About Lee GoldbergLee Goldberg is a two-time Edgar Award nominee whose many TV writing and/or producing credits include Martial Law, SeaQuest, Diagnosis Murder, The Cosby Mysteries, Hunter, Spenser: For Hire, Nero Wolfe, Missing and Monk. His many books includeSuccessful Television Writing, The Walk, Watch Me Die,  the Diagnosis Murder and Monk series of original mystery novels, and Amazon's The Dead Man series of monthly horrorAs a TV development consultant, he's worked for production companies and broadcasters in Germany, Spain, Sweden, and the Netherlands. He currently serves on the board of directors of the Mystery Writers of America and is the co-founder of the International Association of Media Tie-in Writers.

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Book Review: Mr. Monk on the Couch

I recently read a great mystery novel based on the USA network TV show, Monk. The author grasped all of the characters, and the new characters like Amy Devlin were great. I am a HUGE, Monk fan, I watched all of the 126 episodes in a little more than a couple months. I always enjoyed the sarcastic humor, and the writer of this novel grasped it all. I thoroughly enjoyed the mystery, feeling that the Walter O'Quinn case was a nice add on. From what I understand, the rest of the series isn't written in the same point of view. This book follows Monk's assistant particularly. I loved the descriptions; the writing flowed nicely. The book was very entertaining; I will be sure to read the other books in the series, and try to solve the impossible cases before the words,"Here's what happened" appear. All in all, this book deserves a brilliant 5 stars, for everything that I would have wanted in a Monk novel. I look forward to the future books in the series. If you are someone wondering whether or not to read a book based on a TV show, then read this book, it is great!

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Quest of Ares (Short Story)

Here is a short story I did for class. Below is the description.

Ares is humiliated by Zeus constantly. On a mission to redeem himself, Ares must locate and save Athena from a group of terrorists who try to harness her powers for a powerful super-weapon.

Quest of Ares
Spencer Brokaw

“The meeting has begun!” Zeus yelled in a booming voice.
Ares grunted and listened as the God droned on and on about world problems. The room was bright white, and the pure light of the Gods would blind anyone that walked into the room. Marble Columns supported the magical ceiling that the Gods and Goddesses were enclosed in. Ares was bored with the meeting, and the other Gods in the room noticed.
            “Is there something wrong?” asked Zeus.
            “Yes, this meeting’s a bore!” Ares yelled with fury in his voice.
            “Have anything more important to discuss? How about what weapon you find fondest? You haven’t helped us in 1,000 years Ares. I don’t think you’ll ever lend a hand to us again. You’re too lazy and sarcastic to listen to anything I have to say.”
            Ares was speechless. He angrily yelled an obscenity and lunged at Zeus. Poseidon grabbed Ares and forced him to sit down.
            “You will be punished for that Ares,” Zeus began. He chuckled. “Did you really think you would have had a chance against the mighty God of the sky? One week of your “human form” will be your punishment. I know you hate it so much, I don’t blame you, seeing as how ugly your human self is.” Zeus chuckled again at his sick jokes.
            Ares cursed under his breath as he was transformed into the body he had come to hate. He instantly left the room, and transported himself onto the streets of New York City. He was furious. Being humiliated in front of a bunch of over-powered super beings, who thought so highly of themselves? Please, Ares had better things to do. He needed to ship guns and weapons to the several clients he had. He was a massive arms dealer, a man employed by both sides of war. He didn’t care about right and wrong, as long as he got his way. His cell-phone started to ring; the call was unfortunately from Zeus. Ares didn’t pick up. He fingered the gun in his pocket, eager for action. He looked at his cell-phone one last time, as: New Voice Mail popped up onto the bright screen.
            He clicked on the recording and listened to the startling message.
            “Athena has been captured. She transformed into her human self to greet one of her daughters in Nevada, but was kidnapped and has now gone missing. I want you to search day and night; the first person to find her will be rewarded with a magic spear. Continue your life, that is all,” the voice of Zeus said.
            Ares had an idea, a simple one that would make him very happy if he succeeded. If he found Athena, and rescued her, he would get a magic spear, and the chance to redeem himself to the other Gods and Goddesses. He looked at the recent messages he had received from his arms dealers. “Need weapons, has taken woman hostage.” The message was from Abe Balard, a man that Ares regularly delivered weapons to.
                                                                                                                                                                                    The woman was most likely Athena, or at least Ares hoped it would. He kicked at the ground, before reading the address from which the message was being sent. Ares dreaded the thought of boarding a plane, although he knew it was necessary. He would be traveling to Nevada, in a barren desert where a large terrorist base was located. Ares had everything he needed, a sniper rifle, assault rifle, a pistol, grenades, and a knife as long as his head. The guns were silenced, so he wouldn’t alert any enemies of his presence.
            Ares reached Nevada in a few hours’ time, which was nothing to him. He had been alive for centuries, hours were nothing. When he landed, he immediately rented a car and drove at full speed until finally spotting the terrorist base. He hopped out of his vehicle and grabbed the sniper rifle off his back. He looked through the elongated scope at the enemies he would be facing. The men were dressed as if ready for a fight, but there was something supernatural about them. They were human, no doubt, but they were dressed in peculiar outfits and bright colors. Ares looked upon the second floor of the main building; he could see multiple enemies patrolling the area. He wasn’t surprised to see several rooms leading off in different directions, one of which Athena was most likely in.
            Ares began moving forward as the hot wind blew across his rough face. He had a short beard and a buzzed cut head. He wore old, beat up clothing that looked as if it had seen better days. He smelt the burning of electricity in the air. It was a foul stench, mixed with the blowing of dirt in his face. The blowing desert sand would be perfect cover, along with the several dilapidated cars that stretched on for a few hundred yards. Ares ran from car to car, until he was able see the building clearly with his own eyes. He spotted two terrorists in front of him guarding the main entrance. Ares would find another way in. He spotted a window on the second floor, that looked plenty breakable. Ares stepped forward and grabbed a terrorist from behind while he kicked the other in the kneecap. The men fell to the ground unconscious. Ares grabbed an indent in the wall and began pulling himself up until he reached the window he desired.
            He pulled out his pistol, and slammed it into the glass. The glass shattered in an instant, alerting a guard. The man ran to the window and looked out into the barren desert. Ares grabbed the man’s shirt collar with his left arm while pulling the guard down and dropping him, letting him collide with the ground. The body of the terrorist was motionless. Ares climbed into the window and stared at three doors, all leading in different directions. He pressed his ear up against the first door. Voices echoed inside. Ares retreated to the middle of the room, looking for an alternate entrance. He saw a large metal grate that he would easily be able to fit into. He pulled it off the wall and threw it into the ground next to him. He entered the confined space pessimistically. His sweat ran down his face, obscuring his vision.
            He found a grate that led out into the first room. He silently pulled it off and placed it on the ground below. He dropped down onto the ground; that’s when he saw Athena. She looked immensely tired, as if she had no energy left. There were several cords that stuck into her body, draining the little energy she had left. She was enclosed in a bullet proof room protected with strong metals. She was being held against the ground by metal bars. If she struggled, they would crush her, plus she hardly had any energy to wriggle in the first place. There were five armed guards in the room; all of them strolled around the space that Athena was enclosed in. Ares pulled out his sniper rifle and looked through the scope. He positioned the crosshairs of his gun above one of the terrorist’s heads. He squeezed the trigger as the body dropped to the ground, silently. The other men were unaware of Ares presence, which allowed him to easily pick them off. Ares grabbed a nearby terrorist and snapped his neck. The man grabbed it before falling to the ground. Ares hid his body in a corner. The other three were all talking about Athena, and the powers that she had. The men didn’t know she was a Goddess, but they knew she was powerful.
            They planned on using her energy to power a new super weapon they invented. Ares wouldn’t let that happen. He pulled out his assault rifle and shot a magazine from his gun. The three men dropped to the ground, leaving behind a slow moving puddle of blood. Ares disabled the powering machine, and grabbed Athena. He took her outside and placed her in the passenger’s side of his car.
            “Thank you for rescuing me, you will be rewarded for your brave act,” Athena said before grabbing Ares hand, and transporting them to the council of the Gods. Zeus looked at Ares in revolt when he saw he had rescued Athena.
            “You? You rescued Athena?” he muttered.
            “Yes, can I have my magic spear now?” Ares asked.
            Zeus handed a large weapon over the table to Ares. The Gods and Goddesses clapped for Ares, it was a moment that Ares would never forget. His mind and personality had changed; he began work for the Gods, and actually listened to what they had to say. 

The Impenetrable Spy: Future Dreamer

The Impenetrable Spy: Future Dreamer is the title for my next installment in The Impenetrable Spy series. I wrote this book shortly after releasing my first. I had had the idea of writing a "fugitive" story, and I was lucky enough to come up with a plot line to follow my idea. Writing this book was a blast! I'll keep you updated on it's release, but for now I'll give you the "unofficial" synopsis.

Five years has passed since the events of The Impenetrable Spy. Zack Carter’s best friend has been murdered. The gun is covered in his fingerprints. Now on the run, Zack has to pit himself against CIA agents while trying to uncover the truth. He has to clear his name before things get out of hand. When he stumbles onto a larger plot he must go on several missions through locations including Nigeria, Chicago, CIA headquarters, Germany, and France.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What are you reading and writing?

I'd like to take a brake from my normal writing tip/interview routine. What are YOU reading and writing right now?

Currently I am writing my third novel, a book about a bank robber who is converted into being a CIA spy. The main character is Jack Robinson, a character from The Impenetrable Spy.

I am currently reading Monk on the couch, a novel by the writer Lee Goldberg. It is a mystery novel, a genre I am trying to start reading more, because I would like to start a YA mystery series. I am also reading On Writing, Stephen King's memoir. It is a great book that shares many childhood stories and writing tips.

But, what are you reading and writing currently?

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Exploring New Things

Hello everyone! I am excited to announce that I have a new laptop! Which means I am now able to post more often, and I can finally connect to Google and zip around the Internet. Remember, I still do author interviews, but haven't had a request in quite some time. Email me at if you are interested in being interviewed. I will then send you your questions.  Anyways, lets get back to my post.

Exploring new types of foods, writing, books, and even games can open you up to a world of possibilities. If you stick with the same type of writing, you will get better at it yes, but you will find yourself not liking it as much as you used to, or coming up with ideas that are way too similar. You have to explore other types of writing. I write espionage currently, but once I finish my 6 book series, I will be moving onto mysteries, Apocalyptic War, and graphic novels. I like to explore with what I read too. I have never read a mystery, mostly because I could never find one geared towards a 12 year old, but I am now reading a mystery novel.

I never thought I'd read an autobiography or biography, but I am going to read On Writing by Stephen King next. I like to open myself up to more things, and then thoroughly explore them, because I will often come up with ideas. So, instead of reading another mystery, try espionage, or a fantasy book, you will be amazed at what you thought you'd never like. Explore the possibilities open to you, and keep writing.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Rushed Endings

You've finally reached the end of your book, just remember, don't rush! Endings to books should make you want to say wow, not, that was a terrible ending to a great book. Endings take time, you can't rush through them like you do your chapters. You have to plot out your endings and beginnings delicately, making sure every detail is how you want it to be. Exposition is important in a book, you can't skip introducing some things, and, ending with some. Try to make your ending gripping, heart pounding, and as much as you can, a cliffhanger. Cliffhanger endings should only be attempted if you plan on doing another book in the series, otherwise it is very frustrating to readers. End with an ending you would be satisfied reading. Don't rush your ending, plan it out delicately, it is one of the most important, if not the most important part of your book!

Slow on Posts

Sorry that I haven't been posting much lately, its been a month! My computer is experiencing major problems, so posts will be weekly. Well, at least I'll try to. School and other things (like Christmas) may get in the way, but I'll try my hardest to deliver more writing tips and interviews!