Friday, December 2, 2011

Your Writing Sanctuary

Everyone has a special place where they write. Whether it is the large, oak desk, the glass dining room table, or on the floor, everyone has a place where they write. For me it is a wooden desk in the corner of my room. It has a place for all of my journals, notebooks, writing logs, and books along with space for old CD's. The environment you work in directly affects the outcome of your writing. Working in a busy room at the dining room table may not give you results like sitting in a quiet room in an organized work space. Where you write is very important.

Keeping your journals, and notebooks in one place is essential. Some of my notebooks contain entire plot lines and losing them would make me devastated. Stay as organized as possible and keep writing in your favorite little spot. As I write this I sit at my desk and look at the books around me. I'm glad I have a writing desk that I can call my own. It is almost a second home, as much as I'm at it.

So, where is your writing sanctuary?


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