Sunday, December 11, 2011

Copyrighted Images

A big problem with the internet these days are people stealing images off the internet. Copyrighted images are images that people have obtained rights over. You are not able use them legally, or you can get into trouble. I did not realize that taking an image off of Google Images and posting it on my blog can get me in trouble. Yes, putting a picture to words is helpful to the reader, but take one that you can legally obtain for a cheap price, or some websites will allow you to legally grab images for free. I have noticed several blogs that use pictures that are copy-written. Be cautious on what you use, and make sure it is not copyrighted before you use it. I used to use pictures to go along with my posts, but lately I haven't unless I have been given permission from the picture taker. So, be very cautious on what images you use on your website, it isn't worth getting into legal trouble over.


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