Thursday, December 29, 2011

Combination of the Arts

There is film, music, writing, and so forth. These are the arts, but there are many more subcategories. When you put together film, writing, and music, you have a movie. Combine writing and music, you have a song. The combinations are endless, and without all of the arts, lots of things wouldn't fit right. How would a movie be without writing? There wouldn't be much structure. Some things can stand, such as music without writing. It would be an instrumental piece. But still, notes have to be written. Without the combination of the several arts, things would fall apart, because they need support. I am not a master of the subject, but felt that the thought of this was very interesting.


  1. It is interesting. I am excited about the possibility of adding some simple multimedia to books, a few song bars to begin or end a chapter, a tiny anim at a transitional point, and some illustrations like we already have in some of our books.They look so nice on the Fire.

  2. That sounds really cool! With all of the ereaders, books can be electronically customized more than ever!