Thursday, December 22, 2011

Changing Up Setting

   Changing up your setting can be as easy or difficult as you like. It is up to your imagination really. I sometimes find myself captivating the exact same building in my brain when imagining a scene. You have to let your imagination go crazy. When thinking of a mansion, picture it with everything you would want. Chances are someone will like what you give to the setting. Be over the top, go crazy! You don't want to create the same exact visual for your reader, otherwise your book will seem repetitive, no matter how much the story changes.

   When writing, I love to draw out a blueprint of the buildings I am describing, and then go from there. I might have the same structural base for the design, but I try to change up the interiors as much as possible, that way the reader will grasp a better and different picture than before. The cool thing about writing a spy book is that the setting changes constantly worldwide. The bad thing about writing a spy book is that the enemies and the buildings that are entered can feel the same, if not given enough customization and thought. Next time your writing, take the time to edit up your setting, and don't let the picture of it stay the same in your mind. Change things up.


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