Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What are you reading and writing?

I'd like to take a brake from my normal writing tip/interview routine. What are YOU reading and writing right now?

Currently I am writing my third novel, a book about a bank robber who is converted into being a CIA spy. The main character is Jack Robinson, a character from The Impenetrable Spy.

I am currently reading Monk on the couch, a novel by the writer Lee Goldberg. It is a mystery novel, a genre I am trying to start reading more, because I would like to start a YA mystery series. I am also reading On Writing, Stephen King's memoir. It is a great book that shares many childhood stories and writing tips.

But, what are you reading and writing currently?


  1. I'm still working on writing the first book of my vampire/werewolf series, Knight's Academy. I'm currently in between books. I just finished Dashing Through the Snow, a novella by a friend, T.M. Souders. Great Christmas romance to read. Soon, I'll get to read an ARC copy of another friend's book, Red Sky Warning, by Wendy Young! :) Glad to see you're still writing, Spencer! Keep up the good work.

  2. Just finished a YA sequel to Benny and the Bank Robber called Doctor Dad. Also finished Biblical Studies curriculum for homeschoolers. Working on a nonfiction work with my husband. The Conflict of the Ages is the working title. Also got at least three YA novels I plink at from time to time, two I hope will be graphic novels. Any of your readers (or you, Spencer) want some input into a League of Extraordinary Gentleman-inspired work with some of my own favorite literary characters? Trying to find an 1800s African or African American book character.

  3. Hi Spencer.

    I've just finished writing and publishing my fourth children's book: Rascals Sing at The Opera House. Now I have time to catch up on some reading and I'm enjoying another of Tim Greaton's books, The Santa Shop. Plus I'm also reading Vegas moon by John Locke, which is also a great read.

    I'll be starting on the second book in my molly Gumnut series very soon.

    I see you're keeping quite busy with your writing too, great!.

  4. Congratulations on another published book! I've yet to read a Tim Greaton novel, but I will have to read one soon :)

  5. To elkjerkyforthesoul: congratulations on Doctor Dad, btw, graphic novels are a growing trend :)