Friday, November 11, 2011

Quest of Ares (Short Story)

Here is a short story I did for class. Below is the description.

Ares is humiliated by Zeus constantly. On a mission to redeem himself, Ares must locate and save Athena from a group of terrorists who try to harness her powers for a powerful super-weapon.

Quest of Ares
Spencer Brokaw

“The meeting has begun!” Zeus yelled in a booming voice.
Ares grunted and listened as the God droned on and on about world problems. The room was bright white, and the pure light of the Gods would blind anyone that walked into the room. Marble Columns supported the magical ceiling that the Gods and Goddesses were enclosed in. Ares was bored with the meeting, and the other Gods in the room noticed.
            “Is there something wrong?” asked Zeus.
            “Yes, this meeting’s a bore!” Ares yelled with fury in his voice.
            “Have anything more important to discuss? How about what weapon you find fondest? You haven’t helped us in 1,000 years Ares. I don’t think you’ll ever lend a hand to us again. You’re too lazy and sarcastic to listen to anything I have to say.”
            Ares was speechless. He angrily yelled an obscenity and lunged at Zeus. Poseidon grabbed Ares and forced him to sit down.
            “You will be punished for that Ares,” Zeus began. He chuckled. “Did you really think you would have had a chance against the mighty God of the sky? One week of your “human form” will be your punishment. I know you hate it so much, I don’t blame you, seeing as how ugly your human self is.” Zeus chuckled again at his sick jokes.
            Ares cursed under his breath as he was transformed into the body he had come to hate. He instantly left the room, and transported himself onto the streets of New York City. He was furious. Being humiliated in front of a bunch of over-powered super beings, who thought so highly of themselves? Please, Ares had better things to do. He needed to ship guns and weapons to the several clients he had. He was a massive arms dealer, a man employed by both sides of war. He didn’t care about right and wrong, as long as he got his way. His cell-phone started to ring; the call was unfortunately from Zeus. Ares didn’t pick up. He fingered the gun in his pocket, eager for action. He looked at his cell-phone one last time, as: New Voice Mail popped up onto the bright screen.
            He clicked on the recording and listened to the startling message.
            “Athena has been captured. She transformed into her human self to greet one of her daughters in Nevada, but was kidnapped and has now gone missing. I want you to search day and night; the first person to find her will be rewarded with a magic spear. Continue your life, that is all,” the voice of Zeus said.
            Ares had an idea, a simple one that would make him very happy if he succeeded. If he found Athena, and rescued her, he would get a magic spear, and the chance to redeem himself to the other Gods and Goddesses. He looked at the recent messages he had received from his arms dealers. “Need weapons, has taken woman hostage.” The message was from Abe Balard, a man that Ares regularly delivered weapons to.
                                                                                                                                                                                    The woman was most likely Athena, or at least Ares hoped it would. He kicked at the ground, before reading the address from which the message was being sent. Ares dreaded the thought of boarding a plane, although he knew it was necessary. He would be traveling to Nevada, in a barren desert where a large terrorist base was located. Ares had everything he needed, a sniper rifle, assault rifle, a pistol, grenades, and a knife as long as his head. The guns were silenced, so he wouldn’t alert any enemies of his presence.
            Ares reached Nevada in a few hours’ time, which was nothing to him. He had been alive for centuries, hours were nothing. When he landed, he immediately rented a car and drove at full speed until finally spotting the terrorist base. He hopped out of his vehicle and grabbed the sniper rifle off his back. He looked through the elongated scope at the enemies he would be facing. The men were dressed as if ready for a fight, but there was something supernatural about them. They were human, no doubt, but they were dressed in peculiar outfits and bright colors. Ares looked upon the second floor of the main building; he could see multiple enemies patrolling the area. He wasn’t surprised to see several rooms leading off in different directions, one of which Athena was most likely in.
            Ares began moving forward as the hot wind blew across his rough face. He had a short beard and a buzzed cut head. He wore old, beat up clothing that looked as if it had seen better days. He smelt the burning of electricity in the air. It was a foul stench, mixed with the blowing of dirt in his face. The blowing desert sand would be perfect cover, along with the several dilapidated cars that stretched on for a few hundred yards. Ares ran from car to car, until he was able see the building clearly with his own eyes. He spotted two terrorists in front of him guarding the main entrance. Ares would find another way in. He spotted a window on the second floor, that looked plenty breakable. Ares stepped forward and grabbed a terrorist from behind while he kicked the other in the kneecap. The men fell to the ground unconscious. Ares grabbed an indent in the wall and began pulling himself up until he reached the window he desired.
            He pulled out his pistol, and slammed it into the glass. The glass shattered in an instant, alerting a guard. The man ran to the window and looked out into the barren desert. Ares grabbed the man’s shirt collar with his left arm while pulling the guard down and dropping him, letting him collide with the ground. The body of the terrorist was motionless. Ares climbed into the window and stared at three doors, all leading in different directions. He pressed his ear up against the first door. Voices echoed inside. Ares retreated to the middle of the room, looking for an alternate entrance. He saw a large metal grate that he would easily be able to fit into. He pulled it off the wall and threw it into the ground next to him. He entered the confined space pessimistically. His sweat ran down his face, obscuring his vision.
            He found a grate that led out into the first room. He silently pulled it off and placed it on the ground below. He dropped down onto the ground; that’s when he saw Athena. She looked immensely tired, as if she had no energy left. There were several cords that stuck into her body, draining the little energy she had left. She was enclosed in a bullet proof room protected with strong metals. She was being held against the ground by metal bars. If she struggled, they would crush her, plus she hardly had any energy to wriggle in the first place. There were five armed guards in the room; all of them strolled around the space that Athena was enclosed in. Ares pulled out his sniper rifle and looked through the scope. He positioned the crosshairs of his gun above one of the terrorist’s heads. He squeezed the trigger as the body dropped to the ground, silently. The other men were unaware of Ares presence, which allowed him to easily pick them off. Ares grabbed a nearby terrorist and snapped his neck. The man grabbed it before falling to the ground. Ares hid his body in a corner. The other three were all talking about Athena, and the powers that she had. The men didn’t know she was a Goddess, but they knew she was powerful.
            They planned on using her energy to power a new super weapon they invented. Ares wouldn’t let that happen. He pulled out his assault rifle and shot a magazine from his gun. The three men dropped to the ground, leaving behind a slow moving puddle of blood. Ares disabled the powering machine, and grabbed Athena. He took her outside and placed her in the passenger’s side of his car.
            “Thank you for rescuing me, you will be rewarded for your brave act,” Athena said before grabbing Ares hand, and transporting them to the council of the Gods. Zeus looked at Ares in revolt when he saw he had rescued Athena.
            “You? You rescued Athena?” he muttered.
            “Yes, can I have my magic spear now?” Ares asked.
            Zeus handed a large weapon over the table to Ares. The Gods and Goddesses clapped for Ares, it was a moment that Ares would never forget. His mind and personality had changed; he began work for the Gods, and actually listened to what they had to say. 


  1. Nice story! I especially liked the part when Zues was all like "fine!" and he finaly gave him the spear!

  2. Thanks! I appreciate the comment :).

  3. You have a fertile imagination. I enjoyed this little story.

  4. Thank you! Thanks for taking the time to comment and read! It means a lot :)