Sunday, November 6, 2011

Exploring New Things

Hello everyone! I am excited to announce that I have a new laptop! Which means I am now able to post more often, and I can finally connect to Google and zip around the Internet. Remember, I still do author interviews, but haven't had a request in quite some time. Email me at if you are interested in being interviewed. I will then send you your questions.  Anyways, lets get back to my post.

Exploring new types of foods, writing, books, and even games can open you up to a world of possibilities. If you stick with the same type of writing, you will get better at it yes, but you will find yourself not liking it as much as you used to, or coming up with ideas that are way too similar. You have to explore other types of writing. I write espionage currently, but once I finish my 6 book series, I will be moving onto mysteries, Apocalyptic War, and graphic novels. I like to explore with what I read too. I have never read a mystery, mostly because I could never find one geared towards a 12 year old, but I am now reading a mystery novel.

I never thought I'd read an autobiography or biography, but I am going to read On Writing by Stephen King next. I like to open myself up to more things, and then thoroughly explore them, because I will often come up with ideas. So, instead of reading another mystery, try espionage, or a fantasy book, you will be amazed at what you thought you'd never like. Explore the possibilities open to you, and keep writing.


  1. What mystery are you currently reading? I have shelves full of mysteries geared toward your age simply because that is what I teach and my sudents love mysteries. If you like ghostly mysteries then you need to check out Patrick Carman's Skeleton Creek Series. The 39 Clues series has been great. If you like forensic mysteries try The Christopher Kller by Alane Ferguson. I'm glad you are trying different genres. That is one thing that is difficult for me to get my students to try. Good luck on your journey through genres.

  2. Teddy Roosevelt's Autobiography is great so far. And I have a Mystery-Adventures series, just finished the second, for younger readers growing up to YA. It is Historical. and I mark you more as the modern techno sort, but you might like it. Benny and the Bank Robber and # 2 is Dr. Dad.

  3. I'm currently reading the Adult Monk Tv Show series. Its kind of gory, but right on my level of reading. Can't read The 39 Clues, it is under my level by a lot, although it will be perfect for my brother.

  4. Cool, I'll check em out! As I said, I'm open to change :)