Saturday, November 26, 2011

Character Journals

Character journals are a good way to interact with your characters, and discover things in their past that you, the writer, didn't even know. This is a tip I picked up in: How to Write a D--mn Good Thriller, a great writing book for any action writers. A character journal works like this, you start writing as you would a letter, but write in the character's perspective as if they are telling their own biography to you. An example of an evil villain's journal might be:

Dear Spencer Brokaw,
   As you have probably inferred, my life wasn't the best. As a child, my parent's were murdered by madman. I could tell there was something wrong with him before he committed the crime. I lived on the streets, refusing to be put in an orphanage...

See? I am able to uncover things that I wouldn't have imagined before, by writing in this perspective. This is a great tip that I hope you will use in the future for your characters.


  1. I'll have to give it a try! I almost like writing the behind-the-scenes character development things as much as I do the actual story.

  2. I should give it a shot. I hope it would be fun!