Sunday, September 18, 2011

Registering a Domain

Registering a Domain is an important thing for your website. Not that .wordpress's or .blogspot's are bad, but having your own "dot com" looks more professional and has plenty of benefits. If you're a traditional author and have an agent, they will 1, look to see if you even have a website or blog, and 2, they will look at your "domain." If you don't know what a domain is, take a look at my web address. It is Not Which looks better? The is easier to type in, and is better marketing than the Please don't think that I am suggesting the free domains (.wordpress's and .blogspot's) are bad, but having your own will look a lot better.

I was at a family party and many people asked what my website was. I had to say, at the time. They kept asking, "Blogspot?" After it became, many people easily remembered my web address.

Getting a domain name is very simple, you could either go to, or blogger has a feature to purchase a domain name for $10. I prefer GoDaddy, and yes, I am talking about the website that has those weird Danica Patrick commercials. Don't worry, purchasing your domain shouldn't cost you more than you want it to. There are tons of options that you could pick from, like "Auto-Renew" and "Website Email" that will keep driving the price up. My domain costed 20 bucks plus I got some nice features with it.

Setting up a domain was very confusing to me at first. You have to go into your domain settings, and then you "point" the domain name purchased to your blogspot or wordpress website. Just link your blog, and then within a few hours it should start to redirect to your website. And your web address will change to your newly purchased domain name, if you "point" it right. If my instructions don't help, they have lots of FAQ questions and answers for you.


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