Saturday, September 10, 2011

Pricing Your Ebook

Pricing your ebook is something that isn't as simple as pointing and clicking. You have to take in consideration your book length and whether or not it is your first ebook/book. If you are a first time author, I would suggest pricing your ebook at 99 cents, no matter how lengthy it is. If no one knows who you are and your book is priced at 99 cents, they might buy it, but if no one knows who you are and your book is priced at a high amount, it is a good chance you won't have many sales. I write to have fun, not to make money, so when I priced my ebook at 99 cents, I was happy.

Book length can determine your ebook price too. If your book is about the length of a Harry Potter book, charging 3 dollars is a good idea. When it comes to ebook prices, I don't want to pay the same price I would for a paperback, I want to pay about half the price.

One thing that I also would consider is the advice of many marketers. I have found that they say underpricing your ebook is worse than overpricing. That if you under price people will question the value of your ebook. I find this advice terrible. I love seeing 99 cent ebooks, I don't think that it means they'll have low quality, and I can always get a sample first. I think that 99 cents for an ebook is a great deal. I would rather buy 25 99 cent ebooks than a lot less high-priced ebooks.

Before you launch your ebook, have a friend read your book and ask them their opinions on pricing. Take these thoughts into consideration when pricing your next ebook.

I think ebooks are a great idea, and I can see the idea changing dramatically in the next few years. When it comes to Kindles and Nooks, I think of iPods. iPods started out as fat, odd music players. They evolved into skinny super computers that thousands of people now carry today. I think that eventually ereaders will evolve similarly.


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