Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My Three Favorite TV Shows

Psych is my favorite show on television. It follows Shawn Spencer, a fake psychic detective who helps the Santa Barbara police department solve crime. What I like about it so much is that the episodes can be serious, yet funny at the same time. The main characters always make hilarious 80's references that crack me up every time. Last summer, I watched all the available episodes on Netflix within a month. I have become a true fan of this wonderful mystery series, and plan on watching the new season which airs this October. Some of my favorite episodes are:

Shawn vs. The Red Phantom

Gus is ecstatic when it turns out the only real clue in his and Shawn's missing-person case is TriCon, the comic book and science fiction convention currently running in Santa Barbara. As bodies start turning up, they must balance their newly-scammed and increasingly onerous duties as George Takei's assistants with finding the killer and saving the teenager. Meanwhile, Detective Lassiter is involuntarily enlisted to help Chief Vick with a time-sensitive incident of her own.

If You're So Smart, Then Why Are You Dead?

Shawn and Gus take on academia as lecturers at a school for the gifted where two students suspect a teacher of murder – they just don't know who's been murdered or the murderer's identity. At the precinct, Juliet lobbies hard for lead position on the next case, and Lassiter hands her a "gimme". The same case Gus and Shawn are working.


Gus' supervisor, Frankjim Ogletree, demands that he quit moonlighting at Psych, lest he face termination. The vice-president of Gus' pharmaceutical company, however, decides to hire the duo as his wife believes that their home is haunted.

Burn Notice is my second favorite show. It involves Michael Weston, a burned spy who has to prove his innocence. In the newest season, at this point he has accomplished that. Michael regularly gets hired by people to do an assortment of jobs, which include rescuing people, stealing information, and extracting people. I have been watching this show for 2 years, but have seen all of the episodes via DVD. Since I write espionage, I often get ideas from this wonderfully crafted show. It always ends with an ending that you'll be talking about with whoever you know that watches the show. I don't have any favorite episodes, but the new season is fantastic. The first few were okay, but they have gotten a lot better at making you want to see the next episode.

LOST is my third favorite show. Even though it isn't on TV anymore, it is one of the best shows I have ever seen, if it was still on, I bet it would be in the number #1 spot. I was very disappointed with the ending of LOST, because it didn't explain as much as it should have. This is a show that comes around once in a lifetime, it is outstanding. I watched all of the seasons on DVD and caught up with the newest season about 2 years ago. It is centered around a plane that crashed on a mysterious island in who knows where. The island holds many secrets that only the show can explain. Every episode ended perfectly, and personally I wish there was a novel adaption, and if there is I will read it in a heartbeat. The show was created by J.J. Abrams, whose shows and movies always amaze me. LOST is a spectacular show that I will never forget.


  1. Spencer,
    I can see why you would like those three. Mystery, spies, adventure! Hey, have you ever been to Hawaii? They have Lost Tours there where you can go to some of the sites where they filmed the show. Pretty cool!!

  2. No but now I want to go to see the tours! I also look forward to traveling to Florida to see the Harry Potter theme park in Universal.

  3. PSYCH! Definitely one of my favorites as you know. :) I liked Lost at first then got bored with it. I quit watching it right around the last half of the next to final season. Burn Notice... well, I finally caught up on it! Tonight's the summer finale! WOO HOO! I expect discussions are to come. ;)