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Interview with Kate Fuentes

Elements: The Beginning
What is ELEMENTS THE BEGINNING about? Fraternal twins Gage & Talon Thorn are born from an ancient prophecy with extraordinary elemental abilities. Tragedy strikes and the boys must start over in a land that is foreign to them. Secluded from others and raised on a ranch, the twins must learn to harness their great powers while simultaneously learning to live a normal life as adolescent boys. Their wonderous gifts draw the attention of a dark force determined to destroy humanity and begins his hunt to find the only source that could dimenish his chances of world domination. The wicked emperor will stop at nothing in order to annihilate the young boys to fulfill his desire to obliterate mankind. Fate has delivered the twins to save the world and evil will do it's best to uphold the challenge.

Where is your book available?Most online resources such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads, my website as well as some Barnes & Noble bookstores.

Where did you get the idea for your book?My children asked me to write a bedtime story for them. I began to write the mini novel, which then turned into a full blown novel and I decided to publish the book as a demonstration to my kids that anything is possible and to ALWAYS follow through with what you started... you never know where it will lead you.

How did you come up with the title?I wanted a word that could be carried throughout the series and stand alone on it's own with strength as well as describing what the books were about. I think ELEMENTS does a wonderful job of doing that.

Who designed the cover? I had a great deal of creative control and picked out the underlying picture you see with the crack coming through the ground. My design team added the eery green smoke to enhance the creepiness and I opted for the whimsical lettering as well. I like simplistic covers that draw a reader in through intrigue.

Do you have to travel a lot for your books?
 I have not traveled a lot so far, since this is my debut book. I have been asked to do some booksignings but haven't done so merely because I am not well known and don't want to sit by myself at the table looking pathetic with my piles of books... too much information??? Probably, but it is the truth and I am not ashamed to admit that I am a literary rookie waiting to break out of her shell!

When did you write your first book and how old were you? This is my first book and I was thirty-four when I began my journey into becoming an author. I have always written short stories or poetry but never thought it could be anything more than a pipedream. I'm eternally grateful to my husband and children for helping me to continue my dream and turning it into a reality!

If your book was a movie, who would you pick to play the main characters? I don't think I would be a very good judge of characters/actors to pick for the leading roles of a movie simply because I am too closely related to the 'real life' versions of the boys in my book. I based the two main characters on my children including their physical features as well as their personalities. It would have to be a professional that would be nominated for that particular job... I'm afraid I would be too persnickety. I'm the true epitome of a mother and think no one can compare to her own children. No offense to any of the great plethora of actors out there, I just love my boys to pieces so I am wise enough to hand the reigns over to the professionals in Hollywood.

Do you plan on writing sequels? I am currently working on book two in the installment series and plan to write four with a possibility of a book 5 in the works. My goal is to release book 2 by the end of this year! Those that are interested can follow me on facebook or visit my webpage for upcoming details.

How long did it take you to complete ELEMENTS THE BEGINNING?
 I took my time completing the book so it was just shy of eight months but book two seems to be working a lot quicker! Again, I did not plan on publishing until I had finished the book. It was going to be a Christmas present to my boys but took a different turn as things often do in life and now I am supremely elated in the outcome! The wonderful thing now is having fans ask when the next one is expected to come and see if they can get any spoilers out of me. So far, no one has been able to get me to crack! No spoilers will be coming from me!

What is your favorite book?I have so many favorites ranging from young adult to romance to non-fiction. I thoroughly enjoy novels with series or installments but I have to return to the classics and say I adore reading Greek Mythology. This is the genre where it all began for me as a child and what hooked me into becoming a bibliophile!

About Kate Fuentes: I have been married to my junior high sweetheart for thirteen years and we have two wonderful children. I work full time in an outreach ministry where I help facilitate events and organizations who help those that are disadvantaged, destitute and forgotten in this world both locally and globally. I write YA fiction in my spare time and hope to someday make writing my full time occupation as I exceedingly love to dive head first into my imagination as often as I am able to see what may come of a small idea.

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