Thursday, September 15, 2011

Book Trailers, Are They Effective?

I haven't seen too many book trailers that had me wanting to read the book, but they are a cool concept. I have watched some really good ones on YouTube, and some of them are actually from my blog readers. I personally like the one for Suzy Turner's new book, December Moon because it makes you excited for the release, and it is a chilling trailer. I have also seen some that aren't as good, but the point is, are book trailers effective?

Before I start reading a book, I never find myself looking for their book trailer. I normally just read it. I have noticed that most authors have started this book trailer trend over the past few years, and some people pay big bucks for their book trailer. Like James Patterson's book trailer for his new book, Kill me if you can. It has aired on TV. I don't find myself wanting to read his book, but that trailer has stuck in my head for a reason, and if you've seen it, you'll know what I mean :)

I released a book trailer for my book, The Impenetrable Spy and I am satisfied with the feedback I have gotten. It obviously isn't the best book trailer in the world, but I am very happy with the turnout of it. It was made by my uncle, who happens to be going to college for a "Film" purpose. He is very talented, and he helped me produce my book trailer using iMovie and Final Cut programs on a Macbook Air. My book trailer is actually a widget on the side of the page, so if you'd like to leave some feedback in the comments on it that be great!

But the whole point of this post is, are book trailers effective? I like to watch them, and find them entertaining, but share me your thoughts in the comments, I'd like to hear what you have to say.


  1. In my own opinion, I believe it depends on who the target audience is and how they learn about it. I know that as a teacher when my book came out my school played it during morning announcements and I am still having people ask about my book. My students shared it with their parents and I came back this year to find many parents bought my book over the summer because of the trailer. Posting a link to it on Facebook reminded others. So, yes, I believe they are an effective tool. We do need to remember that there are many other things that help sell the book as well. Most importantly is our own word of mouth. Great question Spencer.

  2. That's a good point, it depends who the target audience is. Thanks for stopping by Sandra! :)

  3. Mine hasn't been all that affective. That I know of at least. I like to watch trailers. They do spark an interest, but also, just reading a good blurb sparks my interest. And if I have read previous works by authors, I'm more likely to buy their other book. So, book trailers can be handy little marketing tools, but they have to be good, in my opinion.

    Oh, and congrats to Sandra about them playing at her school. That's awesome!

  4. Thank you for mentioning my book trailer, Spencer!! I'm glad you liked it : )
    I do think that trailers can be very effective... it's a quick way of getting the feel of your book across in a visual way.
    There's loads of book trailers on my other site, the YA Trailer Park or at
    Thanks again, Spencer!

  5. Your welcome Suzy! Your book trailer is really great :) Thanks for stopping by, and you too Emerald, and by the way,your book trailer is awesome too!