Monday, September 26, 2011

Book Review: Bloodwood: The Chronicles of Max Mayhem

   I recently received a copy of Bloodwod: The Chronicles of Max Mayhem from the author in exchange for a review, and my enjoyment. I began reading not knowing if I would like the book, because of the “vampire” scenario. I thought that vampire meant Twilight and romance, but the way this story is crafted is different. It had me hooked from the start.          
   Max is a normal skateboarding kid who’s next door neighbor happens to recently become a vampire. Max’s dad is the leader of a mysterious society who research odd phenomena. They find out about Max’s neighbor Peter and help him save his girlfriend. I loved the author’s description, he used words that were very strong to my senses. I liked the way he described everything, even simple things such as a drink of Coke.
   The only thing I didn’t like was the ending, and that was because I didn’t want it to end. Out of five stars I give this book a 5. It was great and came to a satisfying conclusion, I look forward to more books by the author


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