Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My First Book Review for The Impenetrable Spy

Recently Sandra Stiles read and reviewed my book. I like what she has to say and I hope you read it. If you don't already know, I wrote a book titled The Impenetrable Spy. It is available on Kindle, iBooks, nook( very soon ), Stanza, and Smashwords. It is an espionage spy thriller that will be sure to keep your heart pumping.

Zack Carter was an ordinary person until meeting up with the CIA. Zack creates a time machine that can transport him back in time when his heart rate stops. Zack is nearly "Impenetrable" and can not be beaten. Wang Bo, a rich leader of China discovers a small statue that can make peoples worst fears come alive. He is also the leader of a mass terrorist group dubbed the Bad Hounds. Zack's main priority is to save the United States from World War 3. He travels through several missions through huge mansions, a war torn D.C, an insane asylum, and New York City.

Here is the link to the review:


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