Thursday, August 11, 2011


If you are reading this post and you are an author or reader, you need to join Goodreads if you already haven't.  It is a social media website for book lovers, authors and writers. It is great if you have a Kindle or nook book out too. You can create an author page with videos, biographies, and lots of other things.
Goodreads consists of several groups. You can join one and discuss books, your writing, or anything else book related. It is great because you can learn from other peoples experiences if you are not sure on something. Like if you didn't know a lot about Kindle Direct Publishing, you could find a HELP group and you could ask them questions.
You can also friend people, the site is like Facebook for readers. You can add books that you've read, ones that you're reading, and books you want to read. It is a great website to get opinions on books too. Goodreads is a website that I'll always keep updated on. I hope you join and have a good time!

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