Monday, August 15, 2011

Finding People Like You

Finding people that relate to you is important. Learning from people like yourself will help you. If you write espionage books, it is smart to find other people that write espionage books. You can discuss ideas, critique each other's books and have a good time. I wouldn't want someone who reads romance to critique my espionage book. They are used to romance books and they will point out things that have to do with romance books. They could still help you find spelling mistakes, but it is good to find people like you. If you want to self-publish your book, it is a good idea to find self-published authors and ask them what they think of different self-publishers. That way you could learn from their experiences. If you want an idea for a book, join a group of writers that cater to the genre you want to write and discuss your thoughts.

So, how do you find people like yourself? If you have joined Goodreads, search the group section and find groups that relate to what genre you write to help give you ideas and meet new people. If you have a Twitter account, search espionage to find people that write espionage. Finding people like you will help you learn and get new ideas.


  1. Excellent advice Spencer. I have a bigger presence on Facebook and not Twitter so I'd not thought to type in my topic to find like minded people. Thanks for the advice.