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The Impenetrable Spy Preview

Here is a preview of my book The Impenetrable Spy. You can buy it on Kindle , Smashwords , Nook , iBooks and in paperback.
The Impenetrable Spy

Spencer Brokaw


Zack was a normal person. He had no wife, girlfriend, or kids. His life was a simple one, well, at least until today.
Zack had brown hair, stubble around his mouth, blue eyes and a small nose. He was middle class and was an only child. He got a six-year degree in math. He had an absolutely great problem-solving mind and was able to react to things in a split second. Zack was twenty-eight years old. Many women found him attractive, but he didn’t have time to dap around in a relationship. Science and math were more important to him.
Zack walked home and pulled open the mailbox drawer. He grabbed his mail and sprinted inside to find a certain document. He found it instantly. It was a letter from the CIA. He had applied for a job as a secret government agent. Basically, if he was given the job, he would spy and steal in order to keep the United States a peaceful and war free territory. There were many necessary qualities that were needed from a spy though. One was to be sane and have a good degree in college. They thought Zack was brilliant, and he was.
Dear Carter,
Congratulations. Your first mission will be to search for Wang BoChina’s leader. If found, kill him, you will have to look somewhere along the Wang docks or perhaps one of his mansions. There is a good chance that he will be in those locations. Wang is associated with a terrorist group called the Bad Hounds. You need to find out what he’s up to. You’ll go to a building in China. When you’re done, blow it up. You will have the advantage of surprise. The Bad Hounds are alert, but they won’t be expecting anyone to attack their base. Mission is this Sunday at  Find any information possible. Come to the CIA as soon as you read this and I will give you your weapons.
Zack quickly got up and threw on his coat. He hopped in his rusty old station wagon and was on his way. The car pulled up in the CIA’s parking lot after twenty minutes. His car approached a huge barbed wire gate. Zack handed a guard his letter. The guard nodded and handed the letter back. The gate swung open. Zack drove in through the entry and parked up in the front of the parking lot. He got out of his car and hurriedly walked in the door. The building was large. After walking fifteen feet into the building someone called his name.
“Davidson! I haven’t seen you since high school”.
“That’s my fault. I haven’t kept in touch with anybody.”
“Where are the weapons?”
“Follow me and I’ll show you.”
Zack followed Davidson to a dirty room with a briefcase in the center. He opened it up and explained each weapon and how they work. One thing in the case was a Sp24 rifle. It came with a silencer. It was a long, lightweight rifle that had special capabilities. It had a binocular attachment. The binoculars could take high quality HD pictures to show the CIA. The binoculars would come off the rifle to be used regularly. A special set of bullets went in the gun that would blow up what it would hit. The regular set of bullets for the gun was also special because they went through thick objects. They had a full metal jacket, or FMJ. A recorder was in the suitcase too. The recorder would be used for intercepting terrorist’s conversations and anyone else that might have any useful information.
A headset was in the case used for talking to headquarters. A pistol was also in the briefcase. The pistol was made by the same company that made the Sp24. It was a nice gun that shot the same two types of bullets as the Sp24. Another thing in the case was a set of night vision goggles. The night vision would allow Zack to find people in complete darkness and incapacitate them stealthily. The night vision also had a thermal vision setting used for finding people in the smoke. Davidson grabbed a black, water-proof suit out of the case and held it up. Two gloves came along with the suit. On the right hand glove, a blade was hidden. It was small and sharp, perfect for threatening a terrorist or thief. On the hood a piece of the suit came out, it was a holder for the headset. After Davidson was done talking, Zack walked back to the counter with him to sign a contract.
“Sign here, here, here, and here.”
“I got a surprise,” said Davidson.
A car pulled up at the front door. The man driving got out and walked inside. The driver threw his keys to Zack.
“You got me a car
His car was silver. It had a slanted front and it rounded at the top.
“You’re going to need a better car than yours to go the places you’ll go. This is the standard CIA motor vehicle. Its top speed is 210 MPH. It is completely bullet proof. In the trunk, a compartment opens up that will hide the briefcase containing your weapons. Follow me”, said Davidson.
Zack could speak almost every language fluently and could read and write in them. He never learned any French though. But learning all of those languages would help him know what people said on their radios, to other people and to him.

Zack followed to get his picture taken for his new driver’s license. He also needed a CIA badge and a weapons license. The CIA building had trees throughout the middle and chandeliers hung from the ceiling. Zack was out of the building in less than a half an hour. He was starving. Zack drove to an Italian restaurant downtown. Zack lived in the suburbs which was about fifteen miles away. He entered the tall building and went up to the counter.
“Hello. Table for...?”
“Right this way.”
Zack was taken to a nice table in the middle of the room. The building had an amazing interior. Statues were every twenty feet, fountains sprayed water, and fancy lamps hung over each table. Gourmet smells filled the air as people clanked wine glasses and burst out laughing. Zack sat and sipped from his water as he waited for a server. A waitress came by and smiled at Zack.
“What would you like to drink?”
“I’ll take a Dr. Pepper.”
“Are you ready to order?”
“Sure. I’ll have the three meat lasagna.”
“Your food will arrive shortly.”
Zack looked around the room and saw something out of the corner of his eye. A Chinese man was staring at him from the corner. The man had a suitcase on the ground next to him. Zack didn’t trust him. Zack saw that a silver object was in the man’s pocket. It was a pistol. Zack knew this man was up to no good. He walked over into the booth and sat across from him.
“Hi”, Zack said gruesomely.
“What do you want?”
The man reached into his pocket and grabbed his pistol. He started slowly lifting his hand up, waiting to shoot.
“I want you to fall asleep and never awake.”
Zack raised his pistol before the man could reply. Zack pulled the trigger leaving the man lifeless. No one noticed the corpse for a few reasons. The pistol was silent, the blood looked like sauce and they were in a dark corner. Zack opened the suitcase and stared into its contents. It was as Zack thought, this is no ordinary man. The suitcase was filled with folders and documents. The man was in a terrorist group. The Bad Hounds. The papers said that the man needed to steal money from the restaurant and use it to buy more weapons. Zack also saw that the man was a good friend of Wang. If he would’ve interrogated him, he could have got some helpful information. The last thing that Zack realized was that they wouldn’t send just one man. And for the fact a steaming hot plate of spaghetti was right in front of him, half eaten.
Zack looked around. He quickly ran into the bathroom. He heard someone in the stall; someone that spoke Chinese. The man was uttering something under his breath. Zack leaned against the wall as if he were waiting to use the stall. The stall door opened revealing a tall, slim figure. The man started to walk away, but Zack grabbed him. He took the man into the stall and shut the door. He pulled out the recorder. Still grabbing him, Zack gave a tug to the man’s throat.
“Get off of me.”
“I will as soon as you answer a few questions.”
“I won’t tell you anything.”
“If you cherish your life, I would talk. Tell me how to get inside the building that Wang’s in.”
“The one off the ocean?”
“What do you mean by, the one?”
“He has more than one building like that.”
“Is he located there?”
“Yes. He will be there for two more weeks. To answer your original question, you get inside the building through the door.”
“You’re no use. Guess I have to kill you.”
“Wait, Wait. The front door is keypad locked. The code to it is 8731. The front door is guarded by two terrorists along with one camera.”
“Now you’re getting the picture. Tell me more door codes.”
“The one to Wang’s room is 5379. The one to the training room is 6352. The one to the security room is 7764. That’s all I know, I swear.”
Zack hit the man on the head and left the body on the tile floor. The man was unconscious. Zack stopped the recording and walked out of the room. Zack walked over to the deceased body in the outer room. He raided the man’s pockets and pushed the body onto the floor. He managed to find eighty-three dollars and some pocket lint. Zack closed up the suitcase and walked over to his table. As soon as he sat down, his server brought a steaming hot plate of lasagna over. It was gorgeous. The lasagna was in perfect layers. It had sausage, pepperoni, and beef chunks on it. It had a little Italian flag on the top and a special sauce that was spread across the lasagna.
Zack grabbed his fork and ate the lasagna like a pig. When he finished, he took a drink from his pop. The server came back with the bill. Zack laid eighteen dollars on the bill. He left the restaurant and drove home. It was a clear and windy night, the scenery was beautiful and Zack enjoyed the drive home. He arrived at his house shortly. When he got home he went straight to bed. He pulled up the covers and fell asleep immediately. Zack woke up around  He went into the kitchen instantly to whip up an omelet. His kitchen was a nice wide room with cabinets and drawers with plenty of space for food. He pulled out the skillet and began preparing his outstanding meal. First, he cracked an egg and placed it into the skillet. Next, he sprinkled some bell peppers and onions onto it. The egg sizzled. Zack flipped the egg and then scooped it out of the skillet onto his plate. His stomach rumbled. Zack finished the omelet and then started up some toast. After a minute or two, he pulled out the toast and started to spread jelly onto it. He wolfed down the toast and then wiped the jelly from his face. After he finished breakfast with a glass of orange juice, Zack headed out to the CIA. He walked to Davidson’s desk. He laid the recorder down to get his attention. Davidson picked up the recorder.
“What’s this?”
“Listen to it and you’ll find out.”
Davidson played the recording and smiled when it was over. He wasn’t smiling because he thought it was funny and he wasn’t doing it because he was in pain either. He was smiling in amazement, and Zack could see that.
“I’m surprised that out of all restaurants, that’s where he would pick. Why not Dragon China. And you happened to be there at the same place at the same time. You gathered some useful information from that interrogation.”
“Do you know who I interrogated?”
“Jason Roberts. He moved here from China, changed his name, and has been spying and stealing along with Alan Chang to obtain money for the Bad Hounds. The Bad Hounds have been using the money for weapons and to create bombs.”

“So I was interrogating a criminal.”
“Yes. He has been stealing from various places throughout the country. Alan Chang and Jason Roberts were trained for stealth like movements and actions. They have never been caught by cameras. That’s why they have been able to travel to China and back so easily.”
“I need to get some rest, I’ll be here first thing Sunday.”

Chapter 2

Zack left the CIA and walked out to his car. When he arrived at his house he got out of the car and opened the mailbox. He grabbed the mail and ran inside to watch TV. As he was running, he tripped and his head smacked onto the ground. Zack had always been an ace at all subjects in school. In fact his college degree was in math and he was a brilliant scientist. When he got up he had two visions. He wrote down what his visions were on a piece of scrap paper. He wrote down math equations and pictures of what his vision was. It took him until  to finish his work. One of his visions was a time traveling device. The other was a serum that could keep him at the age of thirty-three.
Zack fell asleep quickly. As soon as he got into his bed, he was sound asleep. When Zack awoke, he headed down to the hardware store. He bought some metal that would create the time traveling button. It would have a lock button on the side that would stop it from transporting Zack through time. The button would be battery operated. He bought many different supplies that would create the button and the serum. Zack started construction as soon as he got home. By , he had his projects done; then it was time to test them. He created the button so it would send the person to a set date and time. He wanted to go back two hours. The time traveling button started to glow as Zack appeared at the hardware store. He was exactly where he was two hours ago; it had worked!
Zack had become the first man to time travel!
‘I can go back to any date or time I want, Zack thought. I shouldn’t mess around too much though; I can fix things or destroy things. I can’t let this device get in the wrong hands or the space time continuum could be disrupted.’
Zack set the button for two hours later. He landed where he was before he went back in time. Zack was astonished that it had worked. He drank the serum afterwards. It would take about ten years to realize a difference in age. Zack would have to wait for those potions results.
‘I can use the time travel button on my missions. If I hear an alarm or if I’m about to get killed, I’ll hit the button. I’ll be impenetrable. Yeah, the impenetrable spy. I like the sound of that.’
Zack’s mission was today. He had plenty of information already, like door codes. He wrote down the door codes and other information on a scribble pad that would be placed in a pocket of his suit. Zack suited up at . He wore his black water proof suit with the headset, put the time travel button in his pocket on lock mode, he slid the Sp24 into a strap on the front of the suit, put the binoculars into the gun attachment, stuck the scribble pad in his pocket, put on the night vision goggles, stuck the pistol in his pocket, and he stuck the recorder in a compartment located on his right hip. He had all of his weapons and tools ready. Zack drove to the CIA.
He walked to an elevator just down the hall and took it to the roof. Once on the roof, Zack entered the helicopter. The helicopter rose and started to fly away from the CIA. Zack mostly slept during the trip, but he woke up a few minutes before he would have to jump out of the helicopter.
“You need to jump out now!” yelled the pilot.
The pilot flew a few miles away and would wait for extraction. Zack put on the parachute. He opened the door hatch on the helicopter and stared at the foggy night sky. The wind blew across Zack’s face. He let out a deep breath and then forced himself to jump. As he fell, Zack felt wind brush up against him. After a few seconds, Zack opened the parachute and slowly approached the ground. When he landed, he found himself staring at a rather grand building. It was surrounded by a cobblestone sidewalk; a pond was in front of the building along with a statue resembling Wang Bo. Trees were planted along the outside of the cobblestone sidewalk and benches were spaced ten yards from each other. A wall surrounded the building. A gate was in the very front, but that was the only way to get in. Zack had landed in the inner part of the structure.
Zack turned his attention toward the door. Two guards were patrolling the area. Zack had to be careful not to alert them. He crept along the sidewalk. Zack was as invisible as a bat flying through a pitch black night. The two guards were speaking Chinese, but their voices were too muffled for Zack to hear them. The two guards separated. One guard sat on a bench only about twenty feet away from Zack. The other walked on the left side of the black pond. Zack carefully snuck behind the bench. He grabbed the guard with great force. Holding him tightly, Zack started to interrogate him.
“Tell me something useful,” Zack said.
“There’s a camera focused on the inside part of the front doors.”
“Anything else?”
“No, I work outside, I don‘t have any useful information.”
Zack knocked out the guard and hid him in a bush. The area was silent. Zack loaded his gun with the regular set of bullets, leaving the explosive ones in his pocket. If Zack wasn’t careful and quiet, he would either be found or searched for. As the letter read, the Bad Hounds are alert, but they won’t expect anyone to attack their base. Zack crouched, and then he snuck over to the front door. He typed in 8731 on the keypad. He heard the door click. It was unlocked. Zack slowly pushed the door open. It screeched like an animal in pain leaving an unforgettable echo ring through Zack‘s ears. Zack’s suit blended in with the background, so the camera could not see him. The camera hung over an arch that led to another room. It swayed back and forth like a tree on a windy day. Zack looked through the scope on his gun. He waited until the crosshairs laid on top of the camera, then he fired. The camera stopped in its tracks.
Zack walked through the arch. He spotted a guard sitting at a desk fifteen feet away. Zack looked around the room; he didn’t see any other guards besides the one in front of him. The guard was on the computer, looking at a weapon sight. Zack moved behind a plant on his left. It was placed in a large concrete pot that rose about four feet. The plant’s leaves rubbed against Zack’s face. He pushed them away and concentrated on the guard. The entire room had been dimmed and the bright computer screen stared into the guard’s face like a raging fire, causing his eyes to be blood-shot. The guard didn’t take his eyes off the screen, so it would be pretty easy for Zack to sneak over to him and knock him out silently. Zack laid flat onto his belly and then, carefully, he crawled over to the right side of the semicircle desk, and then got up into crouch position. He crept over behind the unaware guard, and then grabbed him by the neck. Zack turned his recorder on and then began questioning the frightened guard.
“What are you guys planning?”
Zack kicked the man’s kneecap, breaking the bone backwards as the guard let out a yelp.
“Okay, okay, one of our guards at another location found a small statue of a tiger in the mountains under a few inches of sand. A Native American tribe nearby warned us that your worst fears will come alive if you look the statue directly in the eyes. The Bad Hounds wrapped a cloth around the eyes to keep from looking at it. Wang wants to present it to the president of the U.S.A. at the next world meeting as a present.”
“Where is the statue now?”
“It’s on a boat named The Tiger.”
“Where is the boat?”


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