Thursday, July 28, 2011

How to Start a Book

Starting a book can be hard. Especially making people continue reading the work you have done. The most important thing when starting a book is grabbing the reader's attention and writing things that will make them ask questions. Then they will want to keep reading. I prefer writing YA fiction because it ranges to so many audiences. Here are some tips on starting your book.

Think about a topic that you are interested in writing about: Normally, people already have a topic in mind, but if you don't, you could choose from the following. Real life events, murder mysteries, horror, espionage, action, adventure, or even a romance novel. To get an idea, It's fun to watch people. If you're at a mall, and you are sitting and drinking your coffee, watch people, you might even get an idea for a new character. Watching the news can also create good stories. One that I think is fun is to take a conspiracy theory and make a book from it.

Tell your fan base what your book will be about (if you've had previous books): It is important to let your fans know about upcoming titles so they won't forget about you. I might read your book, but if you don't tell me about future books, I might lose interest in you. If you already have the book out and you want to tell people about it, make sure to leave a compelling description that will make them want to buy the book. I always get sucked into titles that have well thought out descriptions.

Get a rough idea of what each chapter might be about: Making a list of what each chapter might contain will help you keep writing and stay organized. Make sure you carry a notepad and pen so you can jot down ideas. I prefer mini-composition books to organize my ideas. Even a tiny description of each chapter can help, like some example notes below.
Zack in helicopter about to go to Wang's mansion and find the statue. He then is in a chase scene.

Begin a more detailed outline: Elaborate on what you did above. Fill in other plot lines that surround what will be happening in the chapters. Almost every chapter has a climax to keep the reader interested.

Start the book: Now that you have outlined and brainstormed ideas, you can begin writing your book!

Grab the reader's attention!!! This has to be the most important part of writing the book. In the beginning you need to have the reader asking him or herself questions. Have them wondering about things, it naturally makes them want to read more! I struggle at this, and I think the first sentence is pretty hard too. But I found something that will help me on later books. Start the book out like I have these examples below. The dots are where you fill in.

How did a... ( guy like me )

Suppose you were...

The most successful...

Just imagine...


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