Thursday, July 28, 2011

How to Describe Characters and Surroundings Better

Sometimes I have trouble describing my characters and my surroundings. Since I can visualize everything in my mind, it is often hard for me to describe it because I can already see it. There are several things I use to help me describe surroundings and characters. One of the best things is to map out rooms and objects for your current scene. If you are following me on twitter, I will start sending out my maps and other things I use. After you map something out, say your main character's house, you can use it as reference to help you describe the scene going on. It helps your writing flow better and I have realized this from writing a second book while using this technique. I will even sketch out ideas and label them to help me remember what that said thing is able to do.
This method helps when writing action stories best but if you have a normal, school bully type scenario, or a common YA story, you can draw maps of characters houses, schools, offices, etc. to help you describe better.
Describing characters is the hardest thing for me to do. I have already stated this, but people aren't bad for no reason. Something should have happened in their past to make them what they are today(in your story). When you describe a character, sketching a simple drawing is amazingly helpful. Even though not every one is an artist, you can draw a circle for a head and a couple of simple lines. Even though it doesn't sound helpful, it is. Describe your character with feelings and emotions too, don't just describe their looks. Their looks could also be the things that are creating these said emotions. I like using WikiHow and there is a book called Writing YA fiction for Dummies that is really helpful. If you aren't a YA author, buy a version that describes the type of writing you write.


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