Thursday, July 28, 2011

Free Marketing

This is probably the hardest part when it comes to selfpublishing. Writing the book is easy compared to the marketing you have to do afterwards.
One site that I prefer to market yourself is Kindle Author. Tons of people view it each day and look at the front page. Visit the site and give it a try.
The next trick is to have promotions with your book. You can use Smashwords for this. Upload your book and make it free for a couple of weeks to get hype, then price it back to what you are charging on Kindle etc. If you make your book free on Smashwords, and want it free on Kindle, then try the following.
At the bottom of your book's page on Amazon it says tell us about a lower price. Click on it and post the link to Smashwords. Amazon will probably lower the price to free to "compete." I learned this from self published author Michael Hicks, author of the In Her Name series available on Kindle.
This is a good way to promote sequels if people have already read the first book. Marketing doesn't have to cost you any money either, you just have to find the right sites, and the right people. Creating a blog like this is marketing, having a twitter page and facebook page is also FREE marketing. On twitter, don't post about your books 24/7, because no one is going to follow you. Post about things you enjoy doing, and things you are interested in. Post about your books every now and then, but you should wait until you have a decent amount of followers before you post too much.
Twitter is a good way to exercise your short writing skills too. You only have a limited amount of characters, make them count. Tell friends and family about your book because most likely they will tell their friends and family, another way to market yourself.
Whether or not you realize it, the age groups your book appeal to affect your marketing. The best books are ones that apply to all ages, old and young. Then your book is able to reach a larger audience, which then creates more talk about it.
The keywords you use affect the book too. Use keywords that have meaning to the book. I used CIA, action, espionage etc. for The Impenetrable Spy.
Find sites that do ebook reviews. They are always helpful in spreading the word.
These are just some of the things you can do to market yourself without spending any money.


  1. What good advice, Spencer. You have got quite a career ahead of you, young man!! Congratulations.