Thursday, July 28, 2011

Creating a Credible Villain

Creating a credible villain in fiction can be quite hard or cheesy depending on how you describe them and their background. Below are the steps used in creating a credible villain. You could also briefly illustrate their features and write traits to the side for guidance.

Choose the degree of evilness for your character: You first need to fit the villain with the type of book you are writing. For example, my book needed a powerful dictator while some books might only need a school bully.

Create a traumatic incident for the villain: The villain in a book normally needs something that has happened in their life to make them evil. Most people have a reason for their evilness. This incident could be the death of their parents or maybe a prized possession. This will create a turning point in the villain's life.

Elaborate on the incident: Exaggerate and distort the incident until it becomes the core of the villain.

Choose a single thing the villain adores without greed: The villain may enjoy walks in the park, a dependant relative, a lost love, or an item that is special to them. This could give the hero leverage.

Combine the turning point and the single thing and bounce them back and forth in your mind: Why does the villain love this so much but still stays so evil? Or how does the turning point relate with the single thing?
Villains are one of the most important things in a story. I have never read a fictional book that didn't have some type of villain. I used WikiHow to help me brainstorm some things above on how to create the villain. It was helpful and I think if you are a writer, you should check it out. Eventually I will do a post on how to create a normal fiction character. I hope the above helps with you creating the villain in your story. I think it is good information and I plan on using it to explain my villains so they'll seem realistic.


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