Thursday, July 28, 2011


Although I mentioned CreateSpace, I was very wrong in my post. It only costed me $11 to get to proof copies of my book. And that was all I paid. The conversion was the hardest part. The easiest way to get through this is to download one of their templates on what book size your ordering. Get both of the sizes of what you're ordering. One is an example and one is a copy and paste.
Look at the example for reference on what you should add in. Then, when you have finished, you need to save your file
in pdf format. Now I don't have the newest word software so this is what I did. I downloaded primopdf so I could convert my file. You select printer and save to primopdf. Now a screen will pop up and you should click create pdf. Now you're ready for upload!
All you do is upload file and I used the cover creator. You can upload your own image for the front and add a picture of yourself by: About the Author. Very easy to use. When you're done, click finish at the bottom of the screen. Now your book is in review and you can set your prices. It will be available on Amazon if the review of it goes well( Not a book review either, just makes sure everything is okay )
Now you have the option to spend $39 and let your book be available on online retailers, libraries etc. Your next step is wait for review. Once you get the review email, you will need to buy a proof copy of your book( required )
Once you recieve your book(s), which is very exciting, read through and make sure nothing is wrong with the design, grammar, spelling, etc. When you are done, you go to your project home page and click approve. Your book is now available on Amazon and other places if you spent the $39
Even though I only spent $11 for two copies, the sight has plenty of expensive marketing and publishing packages as well. This is just the best you can do without spending lots of money. Another thing, if your looking on high royalties, find a publishing company, you won't get paid that much( $1 per book for me )
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And leave me comments, they are very helpful. I have attached a file of what my createspace copy looks like.


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